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NeShante Davis, 26 & 2-Year-Old Daughter Killed Over Child Support

NeShante Davis, 26 & 2-Year-Old Daughter Killed Over Child Support

NeShante Davis, Chloe Davis-Green Murder

If you bring a child into the world, it’s not too much to assume that you’re emotionally, physically, and financially responsible for your offspring. There are plenty of parents, both men and women, who neglect those duties for various reasons. They abandon their children and go on with life as if the human they brought into the world doesn’t exist.  Daron Boswell-Johnson decided to forego his responsibilities and instead, opted for the extreme and killed his two-year-old daughter, Chloe Davis-Green, and her mother, second-grade teacher NeShante Davis.

According to The Washington Post, Boswell-Johnson frantically searched the internet trying to find a way to get out of being financially responsible for little Chloe. In 2015, he reportedly typed, “How can I stop child support?” into a search bar. Not long after, he looked up, “How does the court know if child support is not paid?”

NeShante Davis, Chloe Davis-Green Murder

The court reportedly knew that Boswell-Johnson was behind on his child support payments because weeks after his last search, they began garnishing his paychecks. He was forced to pay $600 a month to NeShante to financially assist in the care for Chloe.

In the early morning hours of February 2, 2016, NeShante Davis was with Chloe outside of their home. They were confronted by Boswell-Johnson who told NeShante to drop her child support order. When she refused, he opened fire on both her and young Chloe, killing them both.

Boswell-Johnson told investigators that at the time of the murders he was asleep, but surveillance footage showed his vehicle at NeShante’s apartment complex. There was no physical evidence that linked him to the murders, but detectives pieced together enough circumstantial evidence that led to Boswell-Johnson confessing to the crimes.

He reportedly told police that he walked up on NeShante as she was just about to get inside of her vehicle. He said to her, “I want to talk to you about child support.” NeShante refused to speak with him, so Boswell-Johnson then pulled out a gun and shot her in the back. He turned the gun on little Chloe and shot her twice as she sat in her car seat.

NeShante Davis, Chloe Davis-Green Murder

The murderous father then drove off and went to work.

Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela D. Alsobrooks asked in her opening statement during the trial, “How much is too much to allow a two-year-old to live? Is it $200? Is it $400? Is $600 the magic number?”

Before being touted off to jail, Boswell-Johnson wrote his mother a note.

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“I know I failed you as a son,” he said.

Boswell-Johnson has been found guilty of both murders and received two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.

Please share this story about NeShante Davis and little Chloe Davis-Green to raise awareness about domestic violence. They were our sisters and their lives matter.

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