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Missing: Anita Yolanda Parker Disappeared in 1998



For over 20 years, from the 1980s to the early 2000s, a serial killer stalked the streets of Los Angeles targeting black women in or around the South Central area. When local man Lonnie David Franklin Jr. was arrested, residents couldn’t believe that their helpful neighbor was responsible for the killings. More shocking were the hoards of photos that police discovered upon searching Franklin’s home. There were over 1,000 pictures and multiple videos of girls and women, some who looked to be incapacitated or dead and others who were nude. Some of the women in the photos were found to be alive and claimed that Franklin never hurt them. Investigators learned that many women were deceased, victims of Franklin’s decades-long killing spree. Thirty-five of those women still have yet to be identified and police have released photos of these women hoping that the public can help identify them.

The last time Anita was seen was on November 17, 1998. She was spotted around the 6000 block of Brynhurst Avenue in Los Angeles on that date but has never been seen or heard from again.

Although Anita hasn’t formally been named as one of Franklin’s victims, many believe that she could have crossed his paths with the serial killer. However, Anita Yolanda Parker’s case still remains unsolved while investigators, family, and friends still search for answers.

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If you have any leads or tips regarding Anita’s disappearance or about any of the women in the above photos, please contact:

Los Angeles Police Department
Detective Support Division
Missing Persons Unit
150 N. Los Angeles St.
Los Angeles, California 90012


Arverne Jane Doe, Possibly A Teen, Found In New York In 1991

Two fishermen found her along Jamaica Bay. She had been beaten to death.



Arverne Jane Doe 1991

Some of the most heartbreaking stories are about people who pass away or who have been murdered only to never be identified. Arverne Jane Doe was found on May 1, 1991, in Queens, New York along the shore of Jamaica Bay near Beach 62 Street in the neighborhood of Arverne. It’s reported that her state of decomposition was severe and an investigation revealed she’d been dead for at least a few months before she was located. A medical examiner determined Arverne Jane Doe had been beaten to death in either late 1990 or sometime in early 1991.


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