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Brejuana Robinson, 15, Vanished From Baltimore In 2018

Family and friends are worried about her well-being.



The Baltimore Police Department needs your help in locating a missing 15-year-old girl.

Brejuana Robinson was reportedly last seen earlier today around the 3000 block of East Biddle Street.

The teenager’s loved ones cannot get in contact with her and are highly concerned about her safety and well-being.


Brejuana Robinson is five-feet, three-inches tall and weighs approximately 100 pounds. Brejuana Robinson was last seen wearing an orange top, black shorts and carrying a duffel bag.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Brejuana Robinson is urged to contact the Baltimore Police Department’s Missing Person’s Unit at, 443-984-7385 or simply dial 911.

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Cook County Jane Doe 2016 Found Skeletonized In “Unsecure Home”

Very little has been shared about her case.



Cook County Jane Doe 2016 Illinois

There doesn’t seem to be any investigating agencies looking into this case, but I believe that the story involving this unidentified woman in Cook County, Illinois deserves to be highlighted. This article may be brief, but it goes to show just little is often shared and reported on, and frequently, these cases become lost in the abyss as time moves forward. There isn’t much known about Cook County Jane Doe 2016, as I’ve named her, but here is what I could gather from only one agency that has listed her report.


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