MISSING — Velva Lewis Vanished Two Days Before Christmas 2006

The case concerning Velva Lewis went cold quicker than anyone could have imagined, and as the years have passed on, not much else has been discovered about her case.

At the time of her disappearance, Velva Theresarose Lewis was 42-years-old. The Charlotte, North Carolina resident hasn’t been seen or heard from since December 2006. It was just two days before Christmas when she was spotted leaving her residence, however, no one knows where she was going on who she was meeting up with if anyone. Velva had on pink pants with a beige, flowered top when she went missing. She is 5’5″ tall and 210 pounds.


It’s been almost 12 years since Velva’s family and friends have seen their loved one. If you have any information regarding Velva’s disappearance, please call Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department at 704-336-2311 or Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.

Share this information regarding Velva Theresarose Lewis. She is more than just her mysteriously circumstances. Her life matters.