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Myra Lewis, 2, Disappears From Her Front Yard in 2014

Myra Lewis, 2, Disappears From Her Front Yard in 2014

Myra Lewis Missing

Each year the community of Camden, Mississippi honors the anniversary of when two-year-old Myra Lewis vanished without a trace. The little girl was playing in the front yard of her home as her mother, Ericka Lewis, left to go shopping in the Spring of 2014 between 10:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Myra was with her sister as their father, Gregory Lewis, was inside caring for the youngest sibling, a one-month-old. Ericka said she told the girls to go inside the house with their father, but didn’t stay to see if they actually went. There was nothing out of the ordinary at the rural home, but there was one significant problem: Each parent thought the other was taking care of the girls. Ericka returned home around 3:00 p.m. and asked about Myra, but Gregory told her he was under the impression that their daughter wasn’t home.


Gregory set out on his ATV and searched for his little girl. He told both news reporters and authorities that he had the family dogs in tow to help find Myra, but they weren’t tracking dogs so it was in vain. Police set out K-9s to locate Myra, but they were unsuccessful. A massive search team descended on the small town as officers spend almost five hours combing a four-mile radius of the Lewis home. The didn’t come up with any information.

Four years later there haven’t been any new leads in the Myra Lewis case, but her mother had a run-in with the law that landed her behind bars.


Three weeks after Myra went missing, her mother Ericka was arrested for violating her probation. She was accused of being a felon with a firearm and failing to pay court costs and supervision fees. Ericka was arrested and held in jail while husband Gregory said he wasn’t even aware that Ericka had a welfare fraud conviction on her record. He claimed that he works so many hours that there are things that go on at home that he’s not privy to.

In the initial stages of the investigation, Myra’s grandmother Antoinette Lewis held out hope that her granddaughter was alive and well.


“Whoever got her, just send her back home. I love her,” Antoinette said. “Myra was a good child.  She was very obedient.  She was smart.  She’s two but she has the mind of a three or four-year-old.”

There is a $20,000 reward for anyone who finds Myra Lewis. If you have any information or of little Myra looks familiar to you, please contact the Madison County Sheriff’s Department at 601-987-1530.

Myra was last week wearing white or khaki-colored pants, a turquoise/blue sweater with a bear design on the front, and pink tennis shoes. She is described as having black hair and brown eyes. She would be six-years-old at the time of this publication.

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Little else is known in Myra’s case.

Please share this story to continue the conversation about the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Myra Lewis. She is our little sister and her life matters.


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