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Katrina Ashford: Car Was Found Abandoned Days After She Disappeared In 1972

Katrina Ashford: Car Was Found Abandoned Days After She Disappeared In 1972

Katrina Ashford Missing

I find it important to share stories of missing women who, decades ago, weren’t considered to be significant by law enforcement. In today’s culture, we may complain that stories of black women and girls are underrepresented in the media, yet, the advent of social media has helped communities take matters into their own hands when those who are hired to protect and serve fail them. Today, I revisit the case involving Katrina Ashford who went missing in 1972.

Over on the @OurBlackGirls Instagram page, I shared a story of a woman who disappeared back in the 1980s. Today, she would be over 100-years-old if alive, so I was questioned about why I wrote about her case. The person was, in effect, telling me that this case should be put to rest or at the very least not talked about because it’s assumed she would be dead anyway.

I’m taking this time to communicate with my faithful readers and anyone who just happens to stumble across this website that I am not limited by time. I’ve written about cases as far back as the 1930s as those women, my ancestors and sisters, are just as important to me as any story I hear unfold in real-time today, including Katrina Ashford.

Many events, like this missing person case about Katrina, comes with little to no information. I’ve chosen to share Katrina’s story because of this, and because she vanished on my birth date, just many years prior to when I was born.

On July 11, 1972, the 19-year-old Katrina Ashford disappeared from San Rafael, California. Katrina’s parents were the last to see her before she went missing and three days later, her vehicle was reportedly recovered in Marin County (the same county where she resided). According to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons Database, Katrina was possibly involved in a prostitution ring. I have to add, however, that I could only find this information from that particular agency and I haven’t been able to cross-reference this information with any other source.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any photos of Katrina made available to the public, but she is described in reports as being 5 feet 0 inches tall and 130 pounds. She had black hair and brown eyes. No other information about her clothing or distinctive characteristics has been shared. Katrina would be 66-years-old at the time of this publication.

Anyone with information regarding the disappearance of Katrina Ashford is urged to contact their local authorities or the Marin County Sheriff’s Office at (415) 499-7278 or their local authorities.

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Please share this story about Katrina Iris Ashford to reignite the investigation into her disappearance. She is our sister and her life matters.

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