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Jane Doe Was Found In A Detroit Alleyway In 1967

Jane Doe Was Found In A Detroit Alleyway In 1967

Jane Doe Detroit 1967

When the unidentified are found without information about their person, experts do their best to provide educated guesses regarding the victim’s physical appearance. Height, weight, ethnic background, and other details are compiled to help figure out who the unidentified person may be. For decades, investigators have hoped someone would provide information about Jane Doe Detroit, but since 1967, they have come up empty.

Unfortunately, many Does go unclaimed, such as a young woman found in Detroit. On September 30 that year, a woman was reportedly located in an alleyway behind 3613 Liddesdale Street. Her death was listed as a homicide. However, her cause of death has not been made public.

A Recognizable Face Goes Unclaimed For Decades

It was determined that Jane Doe Detroit had been recently murdered, so her facial features were clear and identifiable in her post-mortem photo (included in the heading of this post). Yet still, in the decades since her death, no one has come forward to claim the woman’s remains.

Jane Doe Detroit 1967: What To Know

It’s believed that Jane Doe Detroit was between 18 and 22 years old and stood five feet four inches tall. Her dark brown/black hair was styled in a short afro, and she had brown eyes. She had a thin frame and was approximately 105 pounds. There were stretch marks on her abdomen and an old, healed vertical line scar on her right shin that was said to be under her knee.

The young lady wore a white wool cardigan and a bright red sleeveless dress that fell above the knee with white fishnet stockings. She also had a short pink peacoat and one black cloth shoe size eight. Her dental information and fingerprints are on file, but her DNA reportedly is not.

Anyone with information regarding this case or who may think they know this woman is urged to contact their non-emergency local authorities or the Detroit Police Department at (313) 267-4600. Her agency case number is HF 67-7260.

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