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Quintina Jefferies Was Murdered, Boyfriend Commits Suicide Days Later

She leaves behind a young son.



Quintina Jefferies

It was a grisly scene at the home of Quintina Jefferies in early December 2019. According to a report by WSJM,  Quintina and her boyfriend, Samuel Brown, were moving into a home together in Benton Harbor, Michigan on Sunday, December 8. Sometime before noon, 29-year-old Quintina was shot four times, including one fatal hit to the head.

Immediately following the discovery of her body, investigators reached out to the public in hopes of attaining information that will lead to a suspect. It wasn’t until Tuesday that the pieces began to fall into place, but unfortunately, it was only after Quintina’s boyfriend Samuel committed suicide.

On the day that he took his life, Samuel reportedly attended a Benton Harbor-Dowagiac basketball game and all seemed normal. However, the Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety told Fox 17 that when they were on the cusp of serving a search warrant on Samuel’s home, they were informed that he’d killed himself.

“This incident started as a domestic assault that ended in the senseless death of Quintina Jeffries,” police reportedly said of the tragic incident.

Quintina Jefferies leaves behind an eight-year-old son. I send my sincerest condolences to her loved ones. She is our sister and her life matters.

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