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A Woman Known As “Evelyn” Was Found Dead At A Friend’s House In 1973

Her cause of death is unclear.



Unidentified Evelyn 1973 Florida

Two days after Christmas in 1973, a woman was located inside of a Miami-Dade County, Florida home, deceased. Information provided by both NamUs and The Doe Network states that the woman, only known as “Evelyn,” was found inside of the home of a friend who has not been named in reports. “Evelyn” was found lying on her back, and while the circumstances are suspicious, a cause of death has not been included in public databases.

At the time of her death, “Evelyn” had only been deceased a matter of hours. She was described as being anywhere between 35 to 55-years-old. She was 5 feet 2 inches tall and 135 pounds. She had brown eyes and black hair styled in a short-cut afro. NamUs added that she was “mildly obese.”

“Evelyn” also had plenty of distinguishing characteristics including scars on her right hip, left thigh, left ankle, and lower legs; a burn-type mark (circular and light pigmented) on right forearm; a “scar line on the medical aspect of the left forearm (inside her elbow and on her wrist). She was wearing a green-colored shirt at the time of her death.

Anyone with information regarding the identification of “Evelyn” is urged to contact Miami-Dade Medical Examiner at 305-545-2425. A reconstruction of her face has been included in this report.

Please share this story to help reignite the investigation into identifying “Evelyn.” She is our sister and her life matters.

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