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Jasmine Nykiesha Robinson, 23, Was Pregnant When Reported Missing

She was approximately six months pregnant at the time.



Jasmine Nykiesha Robinson

Just days after Valentine’s Day in 2019, Jasmine Nykiesha Robinson, a 23-year-old pregnant woman from Archer, Florida, was reported missing. On February 18, Jasmine spoke with her sister Shantavia Robinson and there didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary. It would only be a few more months before Jasmine’s child was to be born, and her family was looking forward to their newest addition.

“She’s a very sweet person,” Shantavia told a local news station. “She never did anything to anybody. We just want Jasmine home and ’til this day it’s still going to be, bring Jasmine home and the baby. Come home Jas and Jamillia. Anybody that know anything, please come forth.”

“Detectives have and continue to gather significant technical and forensic evidence,” said Lieutenant Brett Rhodenizer, Public Information Officer for the Sheriff’s Office. “We also know that there is key information that only certain people can provide, and this unique reward opportunity just may encourage them to do the right thing for Jasmine and her child. We know she left her home in Archer with someone, and there is someone who knows who that is.”

Jasmine’s case was quickly changed to an endangered missing person, but police have yet to name a suspect connected to her disappearance. Investigators have repeatedly attempted to trace her last footsteps, but it hasn’t brought them any closer to solving this case. February 19, 2019, was the last time her family members saw her at home, but police believe that she traveled with an unknown person. However, they can’t outright call her disappearance a crime because they lack the evidence to support that theory.

“Whoever saw her last, we need that information because that would give us the key starting point, where we can then have the assistance of the public, use the specialized resources that are available to the sheriff’s office to get out and begin that very deliberate on the ground search to bring Jasmine home,” stated Lt. Brett Rhodenizer.

Investigators attempted to draw a connection between Jasmine’s recent run-in with the law and her disappearance, but her family insists the two aren’t related. She was arrested for stealing a mobile phone and sending money to herself via a mobile cash app. Prior to going missing, Jasmine Nykiesha Robinson was looking forward to her change of plea court date.

“I don’t think that court date got anything to do with her going missing because Jasmine was paying her money,” Jasmine’s aunt Bertha Williams said. “She meant that she did some wrong and she was paying for it. Seeing her probation and paying her money for it. I don’t think this has anything to do with her being missing. I think we’re wasting time trying to pin that to this situation.” She added, “We just want some answers so she can just come home and we’re looking for her, too.”

Jasmine Nykiesha Robinson

At the time of her disappearance, Jasmine Nykiesha Robinson was 5 feet 2 inches tall and approximately 160 pounds. She had black hair braided shoulder-length and brown eyes. She has black-framed  glasses and “wears a size 8 ½ to 9 women’s shoe (or sometimes wears men’s boots which are a size 7 to 7 ½).”

Anyone with information related to this case is urged to contact Detective Morris at or (352) 367-4083; CrimeStoppers at (352) 372-STOP (7867)  or their website There is a reward attached to this case.

Please share this story of Jasmine Robinson to reignite the investigation into her disappearance. She is our sister and her life matters.

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