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Domestic Violence

Kaneisha Williams Ex-BF, The Suspect In Her Murder, Commits Suicide

The mother of three was killed on Jan. 22.



Kaneisha Williams Murder

Investigators believe the man responsible for the death of Kaneisha Williams has taken his own life. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that 29-year-old Reuben Tompkins, Kaneisha’s ex-boyfriend, committed suicide in Alabama after shooting himself in the head. On January 22, 32-year-old Kaneisha’s body was found outside of a home in Pontiac, Michigan. She suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

According to reports, Kaneisha Williams was seen running from her attacker by a resident who called the police. The witness claimed that shots were fired before they heard a woman moaning outside of his house. A man in a car was seen driving away from the scene and soon after, Kaneisha succumbed to her injuries. Although Tompkins took his own life in Alabama, he was a resident of Detroit at the time of the tragic incident. Police have determined that the firearm he used in his suicide was the same weapon used in Kaneisha’s murder.

“This loss, it’s like it’s broken us,” Kaneisha’s sister Jessica said. “How do you tell your nieces that they’ll never see their mother again, they’ll never hear her again.”

The family of the mother of three children has set up a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign in order to help with the costs of funeral arrangements.

“She was always trying to better herself and create a better situation for her kids,” Kaneisha’s uncle, Wil Black told 7 Action News. When asked about her murderer, Black said, “Just let God deal with that.”

I offer my sincerest condolences to the loved ones of Kaneisha Williams through this difficult time. She was our sister and her life matters.

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