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Jasmine Dunbar Was Murdered By Ex-Boyfriend After Meeting For Paternity Test

He left the baby abandoned in Jasmine’s car on the side of the road.



Jasmine Dunbar

We’re fast approaching the two-year anniversary since Jasmine Dunbar went missing. It was on March 6, 2018, when a puzzling discovery was made on the side of the road. Jasmine Dunbar’s car was located with her seven-month-old daughter inside, sitting in her car seat, along with the missing woman’s personal belongings. Jasmine, however, was nowhere to be found. She was immediately reported missing and 24-hours later, her body was found. The Miami Herald reports that the missing mother’s remains were “significantly burned.”

Investigators learned that the last person Jasmine saw before her death was her 20-year-old ex-boyfriend, Antwaun Travon Ware. It didn’t take long for Ware to confess that on Tuesday, he and Jasmine agreed to meet up for a paternity test. Initially, he told police that he picked up Jasmine and the baby but after he and Jasmine got into an argument, he took them home. Later, AZ Central reports Ware admitted to punching “[Jasmine] multiple times with his fist” and leaving her in an empty Phoenix, Arizona field.

Then, Ware said Jasmine was beaten, but still alive when he just walked away from the scene. However, when he returned to check on her, she was dead. He decided to “put a piece of paper on her” before dousing her with gasoline. He lit her on fire with a cigarette. Ware told investigators that he stayed and watched as her body burned until the flames went out on their own. The police report states that Ware “panicked” and decided to take the seven-month-old to drop her off on the side of the road because “he saw people nearby and believed they would find her and take care of her.”


“It’s going to take a village to raise [Jasmine’s daughter] because she was cut short of her mom’s love,” Jasmine’s close friend Yvonne Young said. “All we can do as Jasmine’s friends is not forget about her and give her daughter the love we know she would’ve gave her.” Yvonne added, “If there was one person who didn’t deserve this, it was Jasmine... We all gained a beautiful angel looking down on us and guiding us.”

Piecing together the investigation wasn’t difficult, especially considering Ware’s cell phone pinged at locations near where Jasmine’s body was located. In fact, CBS News reports that Jasmine Dunbar was found with the help of Ware’s cell phone records. Meanwhile, Ware was taken into custody and charged with one count of first-degree murder, one count of kidnapping, one count of abandonment of a body, and one count of child abuse. His bond was set at $1 million and the investigation is ongoing.

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