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Ali Gilmore Was Four Months Pregnant When She Disappeared In 2006

Ali Gilmore Was Four Months Pregnant When She Disappeared In 2006

Ali Gilmore

Friends of Ali Gilmore describe her as a reliable person. It’s not in her character to be removed from her loved ones, but 14 years ago, that’s exactly what happened. Project Cold Case reports that Ali was working as an analyst at the Florida Department of Health and had a part-time job at a Publix market. By 2006, Ali was four-months-pregnant and had just moved into a new home in a nice area. On February 3, things took a turn when the 30-year-old disappeared.

The last time anyone saw Ali was on Thursday (February 2) evening as she left her job at Publix. When she didn’t show up for work the next day, her employer and a co-worker reportedly did their own welfare check and visited her home. Ali wasn’t there, so they asked a few of her neighbors if they’d seen her leave. No one had any information that could help figure out what happened to the Tallahassee resident. It wasn’t like Ali to not call and let her boss know that she couldn’t make it into work.

The boss and co-worker decided to alert the authorities and soon, a full-blown search for four months pregnant Ali Gilmore was underway. There was reportedly nothing suspicious found inside of Ali’s home and it seems as if she just disappeared into thin air. Friends, family, and strangers went door-to-door with flyers with the hopes of finding out information about what happened to Ali.

On February 3, Ali and her estranged husband, James Gilmore, were reportedly supposed to meet up for a counseling session. Ali was nowhere to be found and James claimed to have overslept and missed the session, as well. NBC News reports that James recognized that he and Ali had problems—especially as they often fought about money and James’s inability to find a better paying job—but he insisted that he and Ali were actively improving their marriage and working things out. Others have confirmed that Ali was excited about the birth of her baby and mending her relationship with her husband.

“This all became so much bigger than anyone thought it would,” Ali’s friend Liz Denson reportedly said. “People really did care. They didn’t have to know her… She had an infectious smile,” Denson added. “She would always have a smile on her face, it was contagious. If you were sick or down, she would try to make you smile.”

James said, “I can give her a lot of credit for my college degree, which has definitely made my life better. If not for her encouragement and support, I don’t know that I ever went back to school to get it.” Soon, there were billboards of Ali placed around the city. Search teams reportedly combed through wooded areas looking for clues.

“The first several years without Ali were horrible for me,” James reportedly shared. “From the despair of wondering what happened to her and why, to the loneliness of not seeing her and hearing her voice while living in a house with all her things.” A $30,000 reward was set in place but Ali’s disappearance remains a mystery.

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“My family always asks me about her,” Liz said. “I like to make light of the situation and think that maybe she’s out in Bermuda living her life and happy. I have to make light of it because I don’t want to think about something horrible happening to her.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Tallahassee Police Department at 850-891-4200.

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