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Typhenie Kae Johnson Remains A Missing Person As Her BF Is Arrested

Typhenie Kae Johnson Remains A Missing Person As Her BF Is Arrested

Typhenie Johnson

It’s been over three years since anyone has had contact with Typhenie Kae Johnson. She was last seen in the parking lot of her apartment complex in Euless, Texas, where she was living with her brother, Asher Johnson. While the family is close-knit, they lived all over the country, so when Typhenie went missing, they banded together to bring her home. Search parties were organized and flyers have been put up but Typhenie’s loved ones haven’t come any closer to finding her.

The 25-year-old was last seen outside talking with her ex-boyfriend, 34-year-old Christopher Revill. The two dated for eight months but broke up two months prior to Typhenie’s disappearance after she told him that she didn’t want to be with him anymore. During their conversation on October 10, 2016, outside of Typhenie’s apartment, she told him, once again, that it was over and she didn’t plan on changing her mind.

Typhenie Johnson

Asher said that 40 minutes went by before Revill came back to the apartment and told him that his sister took off with someone who was going to help do repairs on her vehicle. Revill immediately left but by the time Asher caught up with him in the parking lot, he saw Revill close the trunk of his car and speed off. Asher said he found his sister’s cell phone and sock left behind in the space where Revill parked his car. The frightened brother called the police.

When authorities arrived, they did a quick search of the area and found Typhenie’s car keys in the parking lot. Officers also made a call to Revill and told him he needed to make his way back to Typhenie’s apartment complex to speak to them—immediately. It was 25 minutes later when Revill reportedly returned sweating and breathing heavily. Police asked him why he was so flustered and Revill told them it was because of the heat. It wasn’t hot that day.

“I love her and miss her,” said Typhenie’s aunt, Janelle Hofeldt. “And she’s my buddy. I’m not giving up until the day I die,” Hofeldt said. “I will find Typhenie and I will find answers.”

After Typhenie was reported missing, police focused in on her boyfriend. He denied allegations that he hurt her, but he still was arrested and indicted on charges of aggravated kidnapping with the intent to kill. He faces 99 years in prison.


“It’s been pure hell,” said Typhenie’s mother, Deborah Johnson-Strub. “It’s just unimaginable that this happens. You see it on TV and feel bad for the family. But until it happens to you, you don’t realize how much pain it causes you.”

This isn’t the first girlfriend of Revill’s that has gone missing. The Star-Telegram reports that Taalibah Islam went missing in 2006 and has never been heard from again. However, investigators stated that Revill is not a suspect in her disappearance.


Typhenie’s family has created a GoFundMe campaign to help finance searches, private investigators, and advertising. They hope to purchase billboard spaces where they will feature information about Typhenie’s missing person case.

“Anything that will help to bring awareness to Typhenie and keep her face and name out there,” Hofeldt said. “We have to continue on doing this. Otherwise what will happen? Her face will disappear.”

Detectives are still actively searching for Typhenie, but over the years family and strangers have come together and combed through 52 square miles of area on foot looking for the young woman. There is intel that suggests she is somewhere in the wooded areas close to Interstate 30 and Cooks Lane.

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Typhenie Kae Johnson is 5’4″ and was 125-135 pounds at the time of her disappearance. She has reddish-brown-auburn hair and brown eyes. Her ears, nose (septum), tongue, and navel are pierced. She has a number of tattoos including an anchor on her right front shoulder, a heart on her right foot, the word “faith” on her left wrist, a feather on her upper left arm, an arrow on her upper right arm, words on her left rib-cage, and a tattooed half-sleeve on her upper left arm. She was last seen wearing a pink shirt with the word “Pink” printed on it, black and white spandex pants, a black sports-style jacket, and black ankle socks. One of the socks was recovered.

Revill is still in jail awaiting trial.

Anyone with information regarding Typhenie’s disappearance is urged to contact the Fort Worth Police Department at (817) 392-4442.

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