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Comedian Luenell Shares Story Of Her Sister’s Murder

Comedian Luenell Shares Story Of Her Sister’s Murder

Luenell Sister Murdered

Her name may not be familiar to some, but in the Black community, Luenell is a staple. The comedian has been active in the entertainment industry for decades, known for her often raunchy-worded stand-up routines or bit roles in film and television.

Luenell has brought in laughs with her roles in Dolemite Is My Name, Think Like a Man, and The Boondocks, but during a recent interview with VladTV, she discussed a somber event that changed her life. When she was just a teenager, Luenell said that her sister was murdered.

She didn’t give her sister’s name while retelling the story, but she did say that her sister was five years older than her, making them 16 and 21-years-old when she died (I broke out the calculator and that would be somewhere around 1975).

“Over on Normandie [Ave.] where she used to live somebody she knew—’cause her place did not get broke into—she let them in and then they stabbed her to death in front of her child. My nephew who is special needs, as well.” She went on to say that her nephew was just a baby at the time.

She recalled going to her sister’s home after the murder and looking at all the blood on the walls. “It was horrific,” Luenell remembered. “We never found who it was. I’ve seen a psychic, I tried the police, I’ve tried to do Cold Case Files. Everything like that. Never found out who it was, so the thing that’s always haunted me is, what if somebody is sitting right here at my f*cking show that killed my sister? And I would never know.”

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Luenell also issued a reminder that there was no DNA, mobile phones for tracking, or cameras on the street. Hopefully one day, Luenell and her family can receive justice for her sister.

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