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Asya Linton, 19: Vanished From Baton Rouge In 2019

Asya Linton, 19: Vanished From Baton Rouge In 2019

Asya Linton Missing Louisiana

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to report about Asya Linton. The 19-year-old from Lousiana went missing on January 2, 2019, only to never be seen or heard from again.

It’s reported that Asya Linton was last seen around the 2400 block of Winborne Ave in Baton Rouge. No information has been shared about her social activities or personal life. Because she went missing just 24 hours after New Year’s Day, some have speculated about how she may have celebrated New Year’s Eve. However, nothing about the days prior to Asya’s disappearance has been shared with the general public.

At the time of her disappearance, Asya stood 5 feet 7 inches tall and 125 pounds. She had black/dark brown hair and brown eyes. Both of Asya’s ears are pierced. Other details about what she may have been wearing when she was last seen are unknown.

Anyone with information regarding the disappearance of Asya Linton is urged to contact the Baton Rouge Police Department at 225-239-7832 or their local authorities.

Please share this story to help reignite the investigation into Asya’s case. She is our sister, and her life matters.

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