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Skhylur Davis, 11, Was Assaulted By White Woman Who Accused Her Of Stealing



Skhylur Davis

An 11-year-old girl made headlines recently after she was reportedly assaulted by a neighbor who accused her of stealing. On May 11, Skhylur Davis, a young black girl from Aiken, South Carolina, wanted to help out her grandmother by picking up her mail. As she was walking back to her grandmother’s home, she was spotted by a white neighbor named Elizabeth Shirley’s near Shirley’s mailbox. The 38-year-old woman first verbally accosted Skhylur, accusing the preteen of attempting to steal her mail. Then, things turned physical.

According to a report made by police, Shirley demanded Skhylur return her belongings, grabbed the girl by her arms, and pulled on her. Shirley managed to get the mail out of Skhylur’s hands and once she checked the address and saw that it didn’t belong to her, she began apologizing to the 11-year-old. Hoping to smooth things over, Shirley even offered Skhylur cookies. Another child at the scene corroborated the story that Skhylur would tell the police, and Elizabeth Shirley was arrested and charged with assault and battery in the 3rd degree.

Skhylur Davis added that during the incident, Shirley’s husband made an appearance and was rude to her and the other juvenile with her. He reportedly told them that if they were a different “type” it wouldn’t have happened.

″We shouldn’t have to sit here and have this discussion in 2020, in South Carolina on the heels of Ahmaud Arbery down in Brunswick, Georgia, a situation which the world is very much familiar,” attorney Justin Bamberg stated. “Right here in Aiken, South Carolina we have another victim and this time, the charge is assault and battery. The victim unfortunately is an 11-year-old girl.”

″ She was violated,” Alice Patterson, Skhylur’s grandmother said. Alice has lived in the quiet Aiken neighbor for the better part of a year and regularly has her granddaughter pick up her mail for her. “We’re hurt, we’re upset and we’re angry. She’s angry and hurt. Growing up in the South, we had to endure this, our parents had to endure this. It’s 2020, we will not have our children go through what we had to go through.”

The city’s mayor, Rick Osbon, refused to comment because it is an ongoing criminal investigation, However, he did say that he believes that “all people deserve to be treated justly, all people deserve to be treated fairly, and all people serve to be treated equal.” Mayor Osbon added that citizens shouldn’t have to fear walking down the street in their own neighborhoods. Skhylur Davis would later say that she wasn’t frightened during the incident. “I wasn’t scared because in this type of situation, you need to do anything but be scared.”

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