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Equilla Lynn Hodrick, 8, Walked To The Corner & Vanished In 1985

Equilla Lynn Hodrick, 8, Walked To The Corner & Vanished In 1985

Equilla Lynn Hodrick Missing

The missing person case involving Equilla Lynn Hodrick has continued to stump investigators. It was on August 12, 1985, when the loved ones of eight-year-old Equilla experienced a life-altering moment that has gone unexplained for decades.

It was approximately 6:30 p.m. on an August evening in the Bronx borough of New York City. Equilla’s mother was eight-months-pregnant and sitting on the porch of their home nestled on Briggs Avenue. It was then that Equilla Lynn Hodrick noticed that the Mr. Softee ice cream truck was parked at the end of the block. At the same time, her mother’s friends were passing by, but Equilla wanted some money to by herself a treat. She asked her mother for a few coins but was told no. Still, Equilla jolted to down block in hopes of scoring some frozen goodies as her mother turned around to greet her friends. Because of her condition, the pregnant mom couldn’t chase after her daughter, but she expected Equilla to make a swift return.

No one has seen or heard from the eight-year-old again.

To clarify, there was reportedly someone who said that later on that evening, they saw Equilla at a nearby arcade playing video games. However, authorities have never been able to confirm that witness’s statement. Equilla was described as a “street smart” child, but still, it was unlike her to not return home. After the worried mother called the police to report her daughter missing, authorities led an extensive search hoping to find Equilla Lynn Hodrick and bring her home safely. There were even bloodhound dogs used to trace Equilla’s scent, but according to The Charley Project, it went as far as Webster Avenue near the Metro-North train line in the Bronx before the lead stopped.

In recent years, Equilla’s case has been reopened by the New York City Police Department’s cold case unit. It’s unclear the status of the investigation at the time of this publication. Her case has been classified as a Non-Family Abduction.

At the time of her disappearance, Equilla Lynn Hodrick stood 4 feet 11 inches tall and 80 pounds. She had brown hair and hazel eyes. Agencies report that she had “scars near her right eye and right cheek and discoloration on her back and buttocks.” Equilla was last seen wearing a white tank top, blue cut-off jeans, light blue sneakers, and glasses. Below are age-progressed photos that show what Equilla may look like as an adult.

Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to contact the New York Police Department at (212) 694-7781 or their local authorities. Her agency case number is KNMP09175.

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