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Carolyn Riggins, 69, Disappeared After Visiting A Bingo Hall In July 2020

A police camera captured her car on the highway the day after she went missing.



Carolyn Riggins Missing

It’s been over a month since a Fort Worth family has had contact with Carolyn Riggins. The mysterious circumstances about the 69-year-old grandmother’s disappearance cause concern for her loved ones and authorities. It’s reported that on July 11, 2020, Carolyn was at the Watauga Road Bingo Hall at 6535 Watauga Road. It was her lucky night as a news outlet states she “won big,” but she hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Kendra Holleman, Carolyn’s daughter, says that she spoke with her mother the day she went missing from Watauga, Texas. They had a casual conversation about getting groceries. Now, Kendra spends all of her time searching for her mother and praying for her safe return.

“It’s like, did my mom really leave this bingo hall?” Holleman said. “Was someone else really driving her car?”

Days passed, and after no one could get into contact with Carolyn Riggins, Kendra went to her home. There, she found all of her mother’s belongings, even her medication. Carolyn is described as having “partial dementia” and it’s uncharacteristic of her to leave without letting someone know. On July 15, Kendra filed a police report and soon, an investigation was underway. What authorities found was that on July 12, Carolyn’s gray (some outlets describe it as gold) Lincoln Towncar (Texas license plate: CGB 1453 with a missing hubcap) was seen on a police camera. It was reportedly traveling at 5:00 a.m. that morning on Interstate 35 in Denton, Texas, about 40 miles outside of Fort Worth. Unfortunately, the camera didn’t get a good look at the driver so it’s unknown if Carolyn Riggins was behind the wheel.

“That’s really unbelievable that she would be driving at that time in the morning because when she takes that medication, she sleeps till about 10 or noon,” said Kendra. “I break down like everybody else. I don’t let my sister see that, so it’s really tough.” Kendra, along with the Fort Worth Police Department, is pleading with the public for help.

“She’s maybe gone on a long vacation after her winning that night,” Fort Worth Police Department spokesperson Tracy Carter said. “We’re just hoping that she can come home safely to her family.

At the time of her disappearance, Carolyn Riggins stood 5 feet 9 inches tall and was 200 to 230 pounds. She had brown hair and brown eyes. Both of her ears are pierced, she has scars on both of her knees, a scar on her right thumb, and a “strawberry” above her left eye. Carolyn wears prescription glasses. She was last seen wearing an olive top with mid‐length sleeves, ankle-length jeans, and black closed‐in shoes.

“In my heart, I already know she is gone,” Kendra said. “As long as my sisters stay hopeful, then that’s what I’m striving for. That’s what I get up for.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Fort Worth Police Department at (817) 392-4442 or their local authorities.

Please share this story regarding the missing person case involving Carolyn Riggins to help bring her home. She is our sister and her life matters.

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