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Wanda Faye Walker, 60, Vanished 17 Years After Her Daughter Went Missing

Wanda Faye Walker, 60, Vanished 17 Years After Her Daughter Went Missing

Wanda Faye Walker Missing

Relatives of Wanda Faye Walker were hit with a second devastating blow to in 2016. The first jolt occurred 17 years prior in 1999 when 23-year-old LaResha Walker vanished after she was heard arguing with an unknown person outside of her apartment. Her mother, Wanda Faye Walker, along with other members of her family searched tirelessly for LaResha, but police believed that the young mother had been abducted. She’s never been seen or heard from since, and when Wanda went missing in 2016, no one could believe that the same family had two missing person cases.

It’s reported that Wanda Faye Walker was living with her cousin in Nashville, Tenessee somewhere along with the 1400 block of 11th Avenue South. On October 5, Wanda was all set to head to work at the Dollar Tree on Franklin Pike but unfortunately, she was having some trouble with her car, a Nissan Maxima. The vehicle had overheated, so the 60-year-old called up her boyfriend who came to assist her on the side of a road. He added some oil to the car which helped it get back up and running, but Wanda didn’t make it to work. No one has heard from her after that encounter, but her car was later found abandoned.

A week later on October 13, Wanda’s car was located in an alley near Wade Avenue and residents told authorities it had been parked there for approximately one week. Witnesses also stated that they never saw anyone matching Wanda’s description with or around the car. That further worried investigators because the missing woman’s purse was locked inside the vehicle and there was blood—later identified as belonging to Wanda Faye Walker—found in the backseat.

Police don’t believe that Wanda’s case is related to her daughter’s, and both cases have gone unsolved.

At the time of her disappearance, Wanda Faye Walker stood 5 feet 7 inches tall and 180 pounds. She had bleached blonde hair and brown eyes. Wanda’s natural hair color is brown and she kept it styled in a short afro. Both of her ears are pierced. Any other distinguishing markings are unknown.

Anyone with information about this case is urged to contact the Metro police at 615-862-8600, Crime Stoppers 615-74-CRIME (615-742-7463), or their local authorities.

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