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Stevencia Barlatier, 21, Was Murdered — Her Cousin Is Pleading For Help

Stevencia Barlatier, 21, Was Murdered — Her Cousin Is Pleading For Help

Stevencia Barlatier Murder Missing

In January 2019, I reported about Stevencia Barlatier, a young woman who had gone missing in 2017. The 21-year-old was pregnant with twins when she disappeared from Orlando, Florida, and immediately, I noticed that the information shared about the case was alarming. To begin, there were conflicting reports at every turn. From her last known whereabouts to how far along she was in her pregnancy, reports about Stevencia Barlatier didn’t make sense. Sadly, in September 2020, I was contacted by Stevencia’s cousin, who revealed Stevencia was found deceased.

A Concerned Cousin Continues To Search For Answers

Britney Beauchard came across my OurBlackGirls article about her cousin and told me the tragic news. Just one month after I wrote about Stevencia, someone reportedly walked through a remote field in Hernando County, Florida, about an hour and a half away from Orlando, and came across a frightening scene. The person, a resident in the community, was collecting scrap metal when they discovered the remains of Stevencia Barlatier hidden in the underbrush about 25 yards off the side of a road. Britney told me that individual isn’t considered a person of interest or a suspect in her cousin’s murder. Stevencia’s cause of death has not been shared.

A More Personal Look At Stevencia Barlatier

“Stevencia Barlatier was born November 29, 1995, in Haiti,” Britney told me. “Stevencia came to live in Florida in either 2012 or 2013… She was an older sister, a soon to be mother, a best friend, a cousin… She was a very social butterfly 🦋. She had such a caring heart for everyone.”

Britney also stated that Stevencia was known to be on social media quite a bit, especially Facebook. Her last post was on November 25, 2017, and investigators reportedly later found a surveillance video that showed Stevencia Barlatier shopping at a grocery store that afternoon. She was seen on camera leaving the Publix store alone, and there is no indication that she was followed outside. She called Britney sometime during the day, as well, but Britney said that she wasn’t able to answer the phone. “That will haunt me forever.”

Stevencia’s family and friends couldn’t get in contact with her, and her Facebook posts came to a halt. It was uncharacteristic for the expectant mother, so her loved ones began to worry.

“That was not normal at all,” Britney shared with me. “She would always talk to someone. So, in December 2017, we made a missing persons report. Her then-boyfriend/baby father, Emmanuel Escarment, did not make a report. She was missing, was eight-and-half-months pregnant, due in December 2017. That’s what got us concerned. Also, she was going to have twins—a boy and a girl. She loved those babies more than life itself. She would have been the best mother.”

The Investigation Into The Disappearance & Homicide

According to a news report made in December 2019, several people, including her boyfriend, have been questioned about Stevencia’s case. Police found it suspicious that he didn’t report her missing, but there haven’t been any arrests connected to this case.

Even as she told me her cousin’s story, Britney would interject to say it all brought her to tears. Stevencia’s loved ones are imploring the public to share this information with the hopes that someone, somewhere, will come forward to help bring them closure and justice for Stevencia Barlatier.

“PLEASE. ANYONE. EVERYONE. SHARE THIS STORY #JUSTICEFORSTEVENCIABARLATIER,” Britney wrote to OurBlackGirls. “She is now my guardian angel… May her soul Rest In Peace. Please share all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, anywhere. Help us find justice for her.”

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Anyone with information about this case is urged to contact investigators at the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office at (352) 754-6830 or their local authorities.

Please share this story about Stevencia Barlatier to help bring her killer to justice. She is our sister, and her life matters.


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