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Sheila Renee Quinn, 4, Was Last Seen In Her Bedroom In 1980

Details about the case remain unknown.



Sheila Renee Quinn

At only four-years-old, Sheila Renee Quinn had a full life ahead of her. However, in 1980, her family became the subject of controversy after the little girl reportedly disappeared from her home, and because there are so few details shared about her case until this day, this missing person case has turned into another Chicago mystery.

The circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Sheila Renee Quinn are unknown. What has been shared is that the four-year-old and her family lived on the ninth floor of the Harold Ickes Homes housing projects in Chicago. On February 27, 1980, Sheila’s family reported her missing. The last time the child was seen was in her bedroom. Foul play is suspected, but whether or not there were suspects or persons of interest related to this case is unclear. It also hasn’t been publicly reported if investigators believe that she was abducted, wandered off, or was the victim of something caused by someone closer to home.

Sheila Renee Quinn

Age Progression

At the time of her disappearance, Sheila Renee Quinn stood 3 feet tall and weighed 35 pounds. She had black/dark brown hair and brown eyes. Sheila has burn scars on the back of her legs from backing into a hot stove. She was last seen wearing a white t-shirt, white underwear, gold pajama bottoms, (possibly) a dark blue winter coat, and white socks (no shoes). Sheila would be 45-years-old at the time of this publication.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Chicago Police Department – Area Central at (312) 747-8366 or their local authorities. NCMEC Number: 603084. Agency Case Number: M11C5937.

Please share this story about Sheila Renee Quinn to help reignite the investigation into her case. She is our sister ad her life matters.

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