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Ayanna Smith: Boyfriend Convicted Of Her Murder, She Remains Missing

He was sentenced to life without parole.



Ayanna Smith Malcolm Hunter (1)

Two days before she went missing, there were posts on social media suggesting that Ayanna Smith had married her boyfriend of just a few months, Malcolm Hunter. The pair didn’t actually wed, but it was presented that they were in a blissful relationship. For 26-year-old Ayanna’s family, however, life turned into a nightmare after she disappeared from Enterprise, Alabama. It was on January 21, 2017, when Ayanna’s mother, Patricia Smith, stated that her daughter traveled to Dothan, Alabama to get her driver’s license. The following day, Patricia didn’t have contact with her daughter, but she did see Hunter driving Ayanna’s car. He was alone.

Hunter reportedly told Patricia that he was on his way to pick up Ayanna Smith, but when the concerned mother saw him in the car later, he was once again by himself. The vehicle was then handed over to one of Ayanna’s friend before it made its way back to Patricia, and what she found inside was concerning. Patricia located Ayanna’s wallet, one of her daughter’s shoes, two cellphones in which one was broken, and private documents including medical records strewn about. A panel had also been ripped from the door. The scene was unsettling, so Patricia decided to contact authorities.

Ayanna Smith Malcolm Hunter 1According to her parents, Ayanna spoke with them multiple times a week and she wasn’t the type of person who was prone to leaving without contact for long periods of time. Authorities quickly questioned Malcolm Hunter and during their initial conversations, he denied knowing what happened to his girlfriend. However, he later changed his story and told investigators that when he and Ayana Smith were at his aunt’s house, an argument ensued. During the fight, Hunter claimed his aunt shot Ayanna in the chest and someone drove off with her. When they returned, Ayanna was missing. Police followed up on Hunter’s story but they didn’t find any evidence to corroborate his account.

Yet, when they inspected Hunter’s vehicle, police reportedly located blood traces belonging to Ayanna Smith. Malcolm Hunter was arrested On February 2 and tried for Ayanna’s murder, and during his trial, a witness told a jury that they saw Hunter driving in a vehicle that looked as if there was a “lifeless body of a woman in his car.” Another person took the stand and told the court that Hunter asked if they could help him dispose of a firearm.

On May 16, Malcolm Hunter was found guilty for the murder of his girlfriend, Ayanna Smith. He was given the maximum sentence of life without parole. His attorneys told reporters that they planned on appealing the conviction.

Ayanna remains missing.

At the time of her disappearance, Ayanna Smith stood 5 feet tall and weighed 150 pounds. She has black/dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information about this case is urged to contact the Enterprise Police Department at (334) 347-1211 or their local authorities.

Please share this story about Ayanna Smith to help bring closure to this case. She is our sister and her life matters.

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