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Cook County Jane Doe 2016 Found Skeletonized In “Unsecure Home”

Cook County Jane Doe 2016 Found Skeletonized In “Unsecure Home”

Cook County Jane Doe 2016 Illinois

There doesn’t seem to be any investigating agencies looking into this case, but I believe that the story involving this unidentified woman in Cook County, Illinois deserves to be highlighted. This article may be brief, but it goes to show just little is often shared and reported on, and frequently, these cases become lost in the abyss as time moves forward. There isn’t much known about Cook County Jane Doe 2016, as I’ve named her, but here is what I could gather from only one agency that has listed her report.

Cook County Jane Doe 2016
Jane Doe’s Clothing

If you’re a loyal reader of Our Black Girls, then you’re already familiar with NamUs, the National Missing & Unidentified Persons. It’s a government database with a comprehensive, yet incomplete list of cases from the United States and its territories, and while searching for information, I came across this woman who was found deceased in Illinois back on September 13, 2016. The exact location is unknown.

NamUs reports that Cook County Jane Doe 2016 was found deceased inside of an “unsecure home.” It was clear that she had been there for some time because the outlet stated that she was a “near complete or complete skeleton.” Information regarding how her body was found and the condition of the home wasn’t listed in the report. I did attempt to look into this case but after searching through multiple agencies, it doesn’t look as if a news outlet covered this case. If they did, their report isn’t readily accessible at the time of this publication.

Cook County Jane Doe 2016
Jane Doe’s Clothing

Because of the condition of the remains, the medical examiner concluded that Cook County Jane Doe 2016  may have been under or around 60-years-old and was approximately 5 feet tall. However, her hair color and eye color are a mystery. It doesn’t looks as if her manner of death was determined, but that could have changed since NamUs first reported on her case.

Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to contact Kristin Escobar Alvarenga, Medicolegal Death Investigator for the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office at (312) 997-4500. The ME/C Case Number is 2016-4451.

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Please share this story about the Cook County Jane Doe 2016 to help aid in identifying her. She is our sister and her life matters.

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