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Paige Lawrence May Have Fallen Victim To Serial Killer In 1986

Paige Lawrence May Have Fallen Victim To Serial Killer In 1986

Morris Solomon Jr. Paige Lawrence Missing Murder Serial Killer

The last time anyone saw Paige Lawrence was on February 12, 1986. Her family reportedly watched the 24-year-old leaving her home and, sadly, Paige has never been seen or heard from again. While there hasn’t been definitive proof, investigators now believe that she is one of several victims of 43-year-old handyman Morris Solomon Jr., a serial killer who terrorized the Sacramento, California area in the mid-1980s.

Solomon’s victims included Yolanda Johnson, 22; Angela Polidore, 25; Maria Apodaca, 18; Cherie Washington, 26; Linda Vitela, 24; Sheila Jacox, 17; and Sharon Massey, 29. The women were murdered in 1986 and 1987, and all were either drug addicts or prostitutes who were found bound, nude, and/or wrapped in a sheet. The pattern was clear, but the culprit wouldn’t be discovered until Solomon reported the death of Yolanda to authorities. It’s speculated he did this as to not come across as a suspect.

Morris Solomon Jr. Paige Lawrence Missing Murder Serial KillerAuthorities questioned Solomon and asked him to provide his fingerprints and DNA, and he obliged. In 1987, Solomon was reportedly living in an abandoned car lot and police asked if they could search the premises. He said yes, and while there, authorities noticed something strange in the soil. Soon, they discovered the bodies of the missing women and the investigation would uncover living victims who testified against Solomon at his trial. Five victims would share their terrifying tales of being grabbed, kicked in the face, stabbed, strangled with a chain, and raped by Solomon. Because they survived their attacks, the women were considered to be lucky, but the trauma and terror he inflicted was never forgotten.

In 1992, Solomon was found guilty on four counts of first-degree murder and two counts of second-degree murder. He was sentenced to death and awaits execution in California.

Paige Lawrence remains a missing person and her case is unsolved. It has not been confirmed that she is a victim of Morris Solomon Jr or that she is deceased.

At the time of her disappearance, Paige Lawrence stood 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighed 105 pounds. She had black/dark brown hair (styled in a long/large Afro) and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing black pants, an orange shirt, and athletic shoes. She has a 1.5-inch scar across her nose. Paige’s middle name is “Rochelle” or “Rochell.” She went by the aliases “Angelia Christine Bass” and “Peaches.” She would be 59-years-old at the time of this publication.

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Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to contact the Sacramento Police Department at (916) 808-0605 or (916) 874-1751, or their local authorities. The agency case number is 86-43215.

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