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Shalimar Birkett Killed In Drive-By While Attending Vigil For Slain Friend

Shalimar Birkett Killed In Drive-By While Attending Vigil For Slain Friend

Shalimar Birkett murder vigil

Authorities continue to search for the suspects responsible for the shooting death of Shalimar Birkett. The 32-year-old mother of two boys was in Brownsville, Brooklyn on Monday (May 17) while attending a vigil. The evening prior, Shalimar’s friend, 31-year-old Miles Bobbsemple, was shot and killed while at a party in East Flatbush, and Bobbsemple’s loved ones gathered together in remembrance. No one expected that while everyone was mourning his loss at the corner of Park Place and Howard Avenue, a drive-by would occur and Shalimar Birkett would be dead.

According to reports, Tatricia Hamilton, Shalimar’s mother, told local reporters that her family “is very distraught” by the senseless killing. Shalimar was reportedly struck by a stray bullet after someone in a vehicle passed by and fired off shots. Investigators theorized that the intended targets were gang members who were also attending the memorial for Bobbsemple but instead, Shalimar Birkett was struck twice in the head.

Shalimar Birkett murder vigil“She’s outgoing, a lovely personality. She’s fun. She always liked to be out with her sisters and friends,” Tatricia said. Harriet Heines, Shalimar’s cousin, added, “Justice for the family … the city. We need the police to really, really help bring justice. I know that right now, like they have this whole big thing where they are trying to get rid of cops, but we really need them.”

Police reportedly believe that the gang that opened fire at the party where Bobbsemple was murdered is responsible for the shooting at his memorial. However, that hasn’t been confirmed by authorities. Unsurprisingly, the community remains concerned about gun violence and cannot wrap their heads around an innocent person being murdered while at a vigil for a friend who was also a victim of gun violence. It’s said that gun violence in the area has increased by 130 percent since last year.

“Her kids, they didn’t deserve this,” Shamilar’s cousin, Sophia Husbands said. “All of this gun violence for no reason. Everything they did to her is senseless.”

Three years ago, Tatricia Hamilton grieved the loss of her son, Shalimar’s younger brother, as well, after he was reportedly shot and killed. That case remains open and no suspects have been named publicly.

I send my sincerest condolences to Shalimar Birkett’s loved ones.

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