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Marizah Thomas, 16: Former Missing Teen Arrested For Murder

Marizah Thomas, 16: Former Missing Teen Arrested For Murder

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At the top of January in 2019, I wrote about the missing person case involving Marizah Thomas. At the time, the then-14-year-old had been missing from Ohio since December 2018 and was reportedly last seen getting into a vehicle with an unknown person. By September 2020, I received information via the Our Black Girls Instagram page from someone stating that Marizah was no longer missing. I couldn’t verify that information at the time so her case remained on the OBG website. However, news has surfaced recently regarding Marizah, as the now-16-year-old is, indeed, no longer a missing person, but she has been arrested for shooting and killing her friend, Jayce O’Neal.

Jayce O'Neal Murder 1
Jayce O’Neal

On Tuesday (July 13), Marizah Thomas was taken into custody by Columbus SWAT officers in connection with the death of her friend, 17-year-old friend. It’s reported that Marizah and Jayce were involved in an argument yesterday evening that resulted in Marizah allegedly pulling out a gun and shooting Jayce before fleeing the scene.

The Sussi Report stated that they spoke with someone named Jane who allegedly lives just a few houses away from where Marizah Thomas lived with her mother.

Jayce O'Neal Murder 1
Jayce O’Neal

“This one hit home,” said Jane. “I knew the victim and suspect very well.” According to her, Marizah and Jayce were once close, however, they had been arguing “over a boy.” Jane claims that Marizah dropped out of high school after she began running with the wrong crowd and went “downhill” fast.

The altercation between Marizah and Jayce was reportedly captured by a neighbor who filmed the violent exchange. In the video clip, the two girls are seen arguing as a boy attempted to separate them and then, a shot is heard going off as smoke is released from the weapon. You can watch a news report of the incident below but be warned that the video from the neighbor is shown.

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Please share this story about Jayce O’Neal. She is our sister and her life matters.

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The Sussi Report

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