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Dynasty Alexander, 18: Murdered By Man Who Offered Her A Ride

She was a teen who struggled with drug abuse, but her loved ones remember her as a kind-hearted “free spirit.”



Dynasty Alexander Murder 2

The call for justice has been answered in the case of Dynasty Alexander. On March 3, 2019, the remains of the 18-year-old were located in Tulare, Calif., not far from Elk Bayou Park, after a person driving by saw her body in the rural area. It was around 5:23 p.m. when Dynasty was located and police determined she had only been deceased for a short time. Investigators also found that Dynasty only had injuries to her upper torso, including strangulation marks and a gunshot wound.

Dynasty Alexander Murder 2The slaying of the mild-mannered teen shocked the community and it did not take long for police to find their suspect after viewing surveillance cameras in the area. Dale Watson, 52, was identified as the man seen in the footage, and immediately, police not only wanted to track him down, but they attempted to piece together his relationship with Dynasty.

According to the teen’s loved ones, Dynasty Alexander was a “free spirit.” She did not like accepting help from anyone, even though she was struggling, and she is described as being a trusting person. Dynasty reportedly had a history of running away from home and dealt with drug and substance abuse issues, but those who knew her reflected on a kind-hearted young woman trying to find her way.

“Someone with so many resources was taken away from us at a young age,” said Carlton Jones, Dynasty’s cousin. “I always had high hopes for her.”

Just days prior to her murder, Carlton said he dropped off a care package to Dynasty filled with clean clothes and shoes. In turn, she gave some of those items to others in need. The teen’s friends offered to let her stay at their homes but Dynasty would reportedly only remain for a short time before returning to the streets.

Dynasty Alexander Murder 2 Dale WatsonAuthorities determined that on March 3, 2019, Dynasty Alexander needed a ride to the store and Dale Watson offered to help. Somewhere during the trip, there was an altercation, and Watson attempted to strangle Dynasty, eventually shooting her.

“Now is so much different from our childhood,” Carlton told reporters. “What breaks my heart the most is the fact an adult had an opportunity to cross paths with a child and decided to hurt them… She thought everyone was cool and no one was going to hurt her. It’s a sad time to teach children that there are people who can hurt you.”

Kathy Looper, the co-founder of Genesis House, an organization that offers help to homeless youth, said that Dynasty “wasn’t ready” to receive help to change her lifestyle. “So many kiddos out there just don’t have a clue what kind of danger they are in,” she said.

Watson was convicted of second-degree murder. Reports stated that he also had several arrest warrants for failing to appear in court and violating probation. He was later sentenced to life in prison.

Please share this story about Dynasty Alexander to help bring awareness to the dangers that our homeless youths face. She is our sister and her life matters.

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