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Orleans Parish Jane Doe: Remains Recovered Under A House In 1998

Orleans Parish Jane Doe: Remains Recovered Under A House In 1998

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This is a strange case that continues to plague Louisiana investigators and it is unfortunate that no one has come forward about this woman in all of these years. On August 24, 1998, the remains of a Black woman, referred to in documents as Orleans Parish Jane Doe, were reportedly found under a house at 2308 A P Tureaud Avenue in New Orleans, Lousiana.
While it is difficult to pinpoint the circumstances that lead to the discovery of this woman, there are quite a few details shared about what was found with her. To begin, all of her remains were found intact, however, she was well into the putrefaction and decomposition stage. It is estimated that she had died some two to four weeks prior, yet her cause of death could not be determined. It was also estimated that she was between 25 to 35 years old.

It is also unclear how her body was found, if it was wrapped or buried, or if anyone was occupying the home at the time of discovery. The extent of the investigation also remains a mystery, as news reports regarding this case are difficult to come by.

At the time of her death, Orleans Parish Jane Doe possibly stood 5 feet 2 inches tall and her weight could not be determined. Her hair color and eye color are unknown, but a forensic artist’s rendering shows she may have had a medium to light complexion with dark brown or black hair and brown eyes. She was found wearing a black bra (size 36 A/B); a Towncraft red, collared pullover shirt with a left breast pocket and four buttons (size small); A-Paquette brand pleated pants (size small), gray-colored; underwear (unknown size); and metallic slip-on loafers (size 6-7).

Her DNA, X-Rays, and photographs are available, as are her dental records which include an “amalgam filling, occlusal surface, tooth #2; unusual wear pattern on central incisors.” Her fingerprints are not available.

Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to contact the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office at (504) 658-9660 or their local authorities. The agency case number is 2424.

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