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Rashie Thompson, 44: Boston Woman Goes Unclaimed For Years

Rashie Thompson, 44: Boston Woman Goes Unclaimed For Years

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On Our Black Girls, I can count the number of unclaimed person cases I’ve written about on one hand. An unclaimed person is someone who is identifiable, meaning the authorities know their names or have proven their identity through testing, but there has not yet been anyone who has claimed the remains. Many people pass away without the contact information of loved ones, if they have any friends and family at all, and there are databases that house their information with the hope that someone will come forward. Such is the case of Rashie Thompson.

I came across Rashie’s case while searching through the government’s National Missing & Unidentified Persons System (NamUs), and what stuck out was that there was no date listed for when she passed away. It shows that Rashie Thompson was entered into the NamUs database back in 2017, but that does not necessarily mean that was the year she died.

It was noted in the file that Rashie was born in 1960 and was 44-years-old, which places her possible death date at 2004.

According to NamUs, Rashie was found unresponsive at a detox center in Boston, Massachusetts, and was rushed to a hospital. She stayed there for 24 hours before passing away and has gone unclaimed for years. Her cause of death has not been listed, nor has there been information shared regarding why she was in the detox center. The investigation into finding her loved ones is also unknown.

An attempt to locate any information about Rashie, including a photo, has proven to be futile, so it is my hope that someone will recognize this name or set of circumstances and bring resolution to this case. I must also recognize that many people pass without having loved ones, as their friends and family may also be dead, or they lived isolated lifestyles away from social circles, even with kin.

At the time of her death, Rashie Thompson had brown eyes and black/dark brown hair (3 inches long and thick). Her height and weight are unknown. Both of her ears were pierced and she had several scars: “3 [inch] long old/healed skin scar across front of right knee; 2 [inch] long irregular skin scars on lower right knee; 1/8 [of an inch] abrasion covered by a band-aid on left knee.” Rashie was last wearing white longjohns and white hoop earrings.

Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to contact their local authorities. Sadly, there isn’t contact information because this case does not seem to be active as an investigative agency has not been listed, nor is there an agency case number.

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Please share this story about Rashie Thompson to help connect her case with someone she may have known. She is our sister and her life matters.

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