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Tabitha Queen, 29: Kids Heard Man Threaten To Kill Their Missing Mother

Tabitha Queen, 29: Kids Heard Man Threaten To Kill Their Missing Mother

Tabitha Queen Missing

Mary Lunford last spoke with her daughter, Tabitha Queen, on May 9, 2021. Tabitha, who lives in Bastrop, Louisiana, called Mary in San Antonio to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day, but the call was cut short after Mary heard someone in the background. What occurred after this call remains a mystery to investigators as well as Tabitha’s loved ones, but it has been suspected that the 29-year-old mother of three has met with foul play.

Last year, Mary told KNOE 8 News that she attempted to question Tabitha about what was happening while on the phone with her daughter that Spring day.

“There were two men in the car with her, and I asked her who was she talking to, and she was like, ‘Uh, mom, I got to go,’ and I was like, ‘What you mean you got to go? And she hung up the phone. I called right back, and her phone went to voicemail,” Mary told reporters. When they couldn’t get into contact with Tabitha Queen, relatives quickly made their way to Tabitha’s Bastrop home and it was there that they found her three children alone. The kids reportedly claimed that the last time they saw their mother was on May 10, when she told them she was going to the grocery store.

Tabitha Queen Missing 1

Differing reports about this case make it difficult to pinpoint a timeline, but KNOE 8 News stated that Tabitha Queen was officially reported missing on May 11. Authorities are said to have claimed that there is surveillance footage of Tabitha at a Save-U-More grocery store on May 9. Still, it is unclear if there is any footage to corroborate the children’s account of her leaving once again the following day.

Meanwhile, Tabitha’s 11-year-old daughter Alice has shared information with the police that has cast a shadow over this case. According to the little girl, just days before going missing, Tabitha had been arguing with a man she had loaned her car to. Things allegedly turned violent.

“[Alica] says two guys came over and one of the guys was using her car and he was just using her for her car and said that she asked him, ‘What was the smell in the car?’ She looked back where the spare tire goes and there was blood back there,” said Mary. Alice then claimed that after Tabitha saw the blood, she told the unidentified man that he could no longer use her vehicle. He reportedly said to her, “B*tch, I’m going to kill you.”

It was later on in the day when a van stopped by Tabitha’s home and reportedly attempted to kidnap her. Some reports state that he was indeed abducted, but that remains unclear. Mary wants the FBI involved in the case, but Assistant Chief DeWayne Reed reportedly doesn’t believe they need assistance “because they have it handled.”

Police have not named persons of interest or suspects in this case. As of 2021, it was reported that authorities were testing samples from Tabitha’s vehicle, but the results of those findings have not yet been shared publicly.

Meanwhile, Tabitha’s vehicle was later located on West Pine Street in Bastrop. Surveillance footage showed a Black man driving the car before abandoning the vehicle and making his way eastbound on foot. You can watch the footage below.

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Tabitha Queen: What To Know

At the time of her disappearance, Tabitha Queen stood 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighed 230 pounds. She had black/dark brown hair and brown eyes. What she was last wearing is unknown. Tabitha reportedly has several tattoos: a mask that also reads “laugh now cry later,” “legend” on her chest, a marijuana leaf on her left buttock, and stars on her arm but it is unclear which one. She also reportedly has a scar on her chest.

Anyone with information about this case is urged to contact the Bastrop Police Department at (318) 281-1322, the North Delta Regional Crime Stoppers at 318-388-2274, or their local authorities. The agency case number is 2021-2497.

Please share this story about Tabitha Queen to help bring awareness to her missing person case. She is our sister and her life matters.

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