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Kendra Battelo, 24: Vanished Days After BF Had Domestic Violence Court Hearing

Kendra Battelo, 24: Vanished Days After BF Had Domestic Violence Court Hearing

Kendra Battelo Missing

A woman who was last seen knocking on a stranger’s door remains missing nearly two months after she disappeared. Kendra Battelo last had contact with her mother at approximately midnight on July 7. Police in Enid, Oklahoma stated that the 24-year-old’s last movements actually span a few weeks; after not hearing from her daughter, Kendra’s mother reported her missing on July 12. What happened during this time remains unclear, but it said that Kendra’s boyfriend, Colby Sheppard, appeared in court around that time in connection to a domestic violence case where she was named as the victim.

Kendra Battelo MissingSheppard reportedly had a bond hearing in that case, but the exact circumstances are unknown. It was days before Kendra’s last contact that Sheppard appeared in court, but it is unclear if the Enid Police Department considers him a person of interest at this time. A news report stated that Kendra was with Sheppard on July 6, just prior to her having contact with her mother.

“We’ve conducted several interviews, executed multiple search warrants on several vehicles, residences and devices, conducted several field searches, employed our department’s drone and followed up on each and every tip we’ve received,” said Cass Raines of the Enid Police Department. “You never know what that one piece of information could be that could lead to helping us find her.”

Kendra’s relatives did reveal that she battled mental health struggles and substance abuse. The last person to see or hear from Kendra was apparently a stranger; on July 20, Enid Police claimed that Kendra knocked on a woman’s door in Pawnee and requested a glass of water. What happened to her after that remains a mystery, but her family has been diligent in their search efforts alongside EPD.

“She has a pretty smile when she smiles. I miss her,” said Lillian Reyes, Kendra’s grandmother. She told reporters that in her last interaction with her granddaughter, not long before Kendra went missing, the young woman didn’t seem herself. “Usually, she comes to me and asks me how I’m doing. You know grandma you doing okay? But she didn’t say anything like that.”

Investigators said they followed up on a tip that Kendra Battelo was somewhere in Wichita, Kansas, but that lead was not fruitful. There have been several searches involving residents, people within the community who simply wanted to help, and Indigenous activist groups lending their voices, but there has not been anything shared publicly to suggest that evidence leading to Kendra’s return has been found. Kendra has been described as Black, Hispanic/Latino, and Native/Indigenous. She is enrolled with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

Kendra hasn’t updated her social media, either, and the lack of contact with family or on the internet is out of the ordinary for her. Her cellphone goes straight to voicemail and it is unclear if authorities have attempted to ping its last location.

“Just come back and come home, or just call her grandmother or her sisters — reach out to one of us to let us know she’s OK,” Edna Reyes, Kendra’s cousin, said. “If she needs anything, she can always call me and reach out to me. I’ll be there in a minute — a heartbeat to get her. Whatever she needs, and, most of all, that we love her. We love her tremendously.”

At the time of her disappearance, Kendra Battelo stood 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighed 115 to 130 pounds. She had black/dark brown hair and brown eyes. Kendra’s hair was short, but she is known to wear wigs of various lengths and colors. She has dimples and her middle name is “Nicole.”

Anyone with information about this case is urged to contact the Enid Police Department at (580) 242-7000, text the keyword EPDTIP to 847411 (can be anonymous), or call their local authorities. The agency case number is 2022-6114.

Please share this story about Kendra Battelo to help bring her home. She is our sister and her life matters.

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