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Melanie Davis, 54: Missing After Leaving Psych Hospital

Melanie Davis, 54: Missing After Leaving Psych Hospital

Melanie Davis Missing

The mystery surrounding what happened to Melanie Davis has left investigators perplexed for several years. Melanie was reportedly last seen on May 28, 2016, in the 3000 block of Woodrow Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. Her sister, Clarice Davis, has been vocal about their family’s desperation in searching for the 54-year-old medical professional.

Melanie Davis spent 22 years as a nurse before there was reported trouble at her clinic. “Some things were wrong at the hospital, a couple of patients died,” Clarice previously told WTVR News. “I do think it was wearing on her because she checked herself into Tucker’s Hospital. We didn’t know where she was for about a week. Eventually, she gave one of the nurses permission to call us. I guess in my mind, she was okay, and she really wasn’t.”

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A Look Into Melanie’s Life

Melanie was said to have left her job one year before she disappeared. She also reportedly struggled with health concerns and personal issues that affected her mental health. After being reported as a missing person, Melanie Davis checked herself into a psychiatric hospital. Details regarding her time there are unclear, but the staff told police Melanie revealed she planned to leave the state.

However, there wasn’t any movement in Melanie’s bank accounts. Then, years after vanishing, someone withdrew $10 from the account. Police investigated the transaction but didn’t materialize any new leads. Additionally, there wasn’t any evidence to suggest she was planning a state-crossing move.

“We really, truly don’t know what happened, what was going through her mind,” Clarice said. She had one or two life incidents that happened, and maybe that affected her in some way.”

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Melanie Davis: What We Know

At the time of her disappearance, Melanie Davis stood 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed 170 pounds. She had brown hair (styled curly) and brown eyes. Melanie had a tattoo of vines on her lower back and several burn marks on her neck and shoulders. Her middle name is “Anne.” She was also known to use the name “Melanie Anne Walker.”

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Anyone with information about this case is urged to contact the Richmond City Police Department at (804) 646-5100 or their local authorities. The agency case number is 20170130-0245.

Please share this story about Melanie Davis to help reignite interest in this missing person case. She is our sister, and her life matters.

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