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Tiffany Nicole Foster, 35: Last Seen Leaving Her Apartment In 2021

Tiffany Nicole Foster, 35: Last Seen Leaving Her Apartment In 2021

Tiffany Nicole Foster Missing 1

If you asked the loved ones of Tiffany Nicole Foster to describe her, they would say she was a responsible person. The mother of three was a devoted parent dedicated to her job and education. Tiffany, 35, was enrolled at Georgia Military College, majoring in criminal justice. While focusing on her studies, she also worked at Hello Fresh as a security guard. Her dedication was admired, and things seemed to be in line—but Tiffany was at odds with her fiancé, Reginald Robertson. Yet, it would only be months before she graduated and looked forward to a new career in law enforcement.

Tiffany Nicole Foster Missing 1

On March 1, 2021, Tiffany Nicole Foster left her home at the Lakeside Apartments in Newnan, Georgia. Fox 5 News stated Robertson told police that he saw his fiancé leave their shared residence and said she was going to the grocery store. The trip was supposed only to take a few minutes, but Tiffany never returned. The next day, she didn’t show up to school, either. Still, Robertson did not report his fiancé missing.

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Three days after she vanished, Tiffany also missed her shift at work, and it would take her mother to call the police. Quickly, Robertson became a person of interest, and until this day, he remains their primary suspect in Tiffany’s disappearance. The couple’s history fueled investigators, specifically a domestic violence incident that was said to have occurred in 2020.

“You can’t explain the feeling. I have sad days where I just cry all day,” Tiffany’s mother, Katrina Hill, told 11 Alive News.

Reginald Robinson tiffany foster missing
Reginald Robertson

One week after Tiffany Nicole Foster went missing, her vehicle was located. On March 8, her Nissan Altima was recovered almost 30 miles away in College Park. Tiffany’s purse, keys, and only bank card were inside the car, but it was unclear if anything there helped the investigation. Nevertheless, police still had Robertson in their sights, and in April 2021, just one month after Tiffany mysteriously disappeared, he was arrested. However, it wasn’t about the disappearance.

“I don’t get any sleep—wondering where she is, what happened. It’s just devastating,” Tiffany’s mother said.

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The domestic violence incident from November 2020 was still an open case, and Robertson was arrested and charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault. Meanwhile, as they looked into Tiffany’s missing person case, police uncovered that it was Robertson who moved her car to College Park. He was later charged with theft, but that charge was dropped.

“I don’t want to keep having these anniversaries. I wish that we could find her. Yeah, so we could just kind of put the pieces together,” Tiffany’s sister Kim Bryan told Fox 5 News in March 2023. Tiffany’s mother would add elsewhere, “I just want to know where my baby is. Is she OK? I just need answers and closure. And justice will l follow after that.”

Larry Starks, Tiffany’s father, passed away at 65 in the past year. Kim believes the weight of Tiffany’s case greatly affected his health.

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Tiffany Nicole Foster Missing 1

At the time of her disappearance, Tiffany Nicole Foster stood 5 feet 2 and weighed 220 pounds. She has hazel eyes and black/dark brown hair styled short, but Tiffany is known to wear wigs. She was last seen wearing a black body suit that zips up the back. Tiffany also has a heart-shaped tattoo on the back of her right shoulder reading “Big Sister 12-7-97.” Her red birthmark runs from her back down her left arm. Tiffany has used the last names “Starks” and “Hill.” Both ears are pierced.

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Anyone with information about this case is urged to contact the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office at (678) 423-6711 or their local authorities. The agency case number is 2103000085. These investigators can also be reached here Inv. Kilgore at or Inv. Stapler at—both at (770) 253-1502.

There is a significant reward issued in this case. Please contact the authorities for details.

Please share this story about Tiffany Nicole Foster to help reignite interest in her missing person case. She is our sister, and her life matters.

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