Cold Case

Alma Felicia Lewis
Alma Felicia Lewis Disappeared While Driving Cross Country In 1999

She was en route to pick up her child and has never been seen again.

Roxann Ellison Missing
Roxann Ellison Vanished From Arizona In 2006

Roxann was a transient who struggled with drug addiction at the time.

Lakiesha Buckner Missing
Lakiesha Buckner, 16, May Have Been Preyed Upon Before Disappearing in 1999

Her learning disabilities may have made Lakeisha a target for predators.

Shirley Anne Gladney
Shirley Anne Gladney Disappeared After Going For a Walk In 1999

She knew exactly where she was going and how to get there, but she was never seen again.

Wendy Marie Dehoop (1)
Wendy Marie Dehoop Vanished After Taking Her Husband to Work In 2005

Someone turned her purse in after they claimed to have found it while walking their dog.

Whitney Nicole Sanders
Whitney Nicole Sanders Vanished After Visiting Gas Station In 2013

She told a friend she was going across the street to a gas station and never returned.

Alice Jefferson Missing Murder
Alice Jefferson: Children Believe Husband Murdered Her In The 1970s

They remember the day they had to walk home from school because no one came to pick them up and were told by their stepfather that their mother was gone.

Denese Laird Missing
Denese Laird Disappeared After Being Dropped Off At Hospital In 2010

The hospital staff said she never registered with triage.

Latrice Shay Armstead Missing
Latrice Shay Armstead: Jaw Was Wired Shut After Her Husband Beat Her

Her vehicle was found abandoned and burned in a neighboring state.

June Khuyen Brisco
June Khuyen Brisco Has Been Missing From L.A. Since 1996

A mysterious man that detectives have yet to identify may hold the key to solving this case.

Kierra Westine Barnett
Kierra Westine Barnett Was Reported Missing On Christmas Day In 2006

She was known to be on the wrong side of the law due to substance abuse.

Theresa Bunn
Theresa Bunn Was Pregnant When Her Body Was Found Burned In Dumpster

Some feared that there was a unknown serial killer terrorizing Chicago, but police said that’s just not true.

Aaliyah Bell, 18: Last Seen Walking Down The Street In 2014

The 18-year-old who had dreams of becoming a hairstylist vanished two days before Thanksgiving.