Domestic Violence

Stephanie Goodloe Murder D.C.
Stephanie Goodloe: Murdered As Daughter, 11, Was In The Next Room

Her 11-year-old daughter heard her mother’s screams after being shot.

Cynthia Alonzo Murder, Eric More
Cynthia Alonzo Went Missing In 2004; BF Confesses To Murder, Body Never Located

Her boyfriend took a plea deal and was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Sunny Giordano (1) Murder
Sunny Giordano, 18, Was Murdered By Her Boyfriend In Nashville In 2016

She was celebrating the Fourth of July with her friends.

Latrice Maze
Latrice Maze Was Murdered By BF, Her Remains Have Never Been Found

Her boyfriend was tried and sentenced for her murder.

Olisa Williams Missing, Baby, Denise Frazier-Daniel
Baby Olisa Williams Was Kidnapped By Father

He later said he took a nap in his car with Olisa next to him only to wake up and find that she was gone.

Tynesha Stewart Murder
Tynesha Stewart, 19, Was Murdered & Dismembered By Ex-Boyfriend In 2007

Nineteen-year-old Tynesha Stewart was like many other young college students. She was a first-year student…

Katrina Banks Our Back Girls
Katrina Banks Killed By Husband, He Was Acquitted Of Murder

He was charged with first-degree murder and found not guilty.

Typhenie Johnson
Typhenie Kae Johnson Remains A Missing Person As Her BF Is Arrested

She isn’t the first girlfriend of his to go missing.

Jasmine Dunbar
Jasmine Dunbar Was Murdered By Ex-Boyfriend After Meeting For Paternity Test

He left the baby abandoned in Jasmine’s car on the side of the road.