Domestic Violence

Alisha McQueen
FOUND DECEASED — Alisha McQueen Never Returned From Walk To Nearby Gas Station

The mother of five sent her daughter a text message that may hold the key to unlocking this mystery.

Ebony Giddens Disappeared Two Days After Domestic Dispute with BF

Her boyfriend reportedly busted her lip open and pulled a gun on her when she told him she didn’t want to be in a relationship with him anymore.

Latrice Shay Armstead Missing
Latrice Shay Armstead: Jaw Was Wired Shut After Her Husband Beat Her

Her vehicle was found abandoned and burned in a neighboring state.

Daisja Weaver Murder
Daisja Weaver: Parents Lied & Claimed Infant Was Kidnapped

The young couple told police baby Daisja was kidnapped, but their lies soon caught up with them and the tragic truth was revealed.

shemaeah gunnell missing (1)
Shemaeah Gunnell, 5: Missing Girl Was Murdered Along with Mother, Sister

A mother and her two innocent, young daughters were savagely beaten to death. One of them is still missing.

Camisha Hollis Missing (1)
Camisha Hollis, 34: Young Daughter Witnessed Mother’s Suspected Murder

He first drugged their three daughters to make them sleep through the attack. The eldest daughter couldn’t fall asleep due to fear.

Rannita Williams Murder
Rannita Williams Was Killed By Ex-BF On Facebook Live In 2018

Two years after Rannita Williams broke off her relationship with ex-boyfriend Johnathan Robinson, she happily…

Karmeshia Pipes
Karmeshia Pipes, 26: Pregnant Mother Killed By Boyfriend

Just days away from celebrating the birth of her new baby girl, 26-year-old Karmeshia Pipes held a baby shower with her friends and family in tow. It was an event filled with joy, but tragically it would be the last time Karmeisha would be seen alive.

Jackie Neal
Jackie Neal, 37: Blues Singer Was Killed By Her Ex-Boyfriend

She had reportedly moved on and he couldn’t handle it.

Rose Blake Murder
Rose Blake, 38: 11-Year-Old Witnesses His Father Murder His Mother

The father was shot and killed by police when authorities arrived at the scene.

Renita Wells & Teen Son Murdered In Domestic Violence Incident

The 15-year-old was trying to protect his mother from his father.

Stephanie Jones
Stephanie Jones, 18: Teen Mom Murdered By Abusive Ex-Boyfriend

He reportedly crawled into her room in the middle of the night after stalking her.