Hate Crimes

Skhylur Davis
Skhylur Davis, 11, Was Assaulted By White Woman Who Accused Her Of Stealing

An 11-year-old girl made headlines recently after she was reportedly assaulted by a neighbor who…

Cordella Stevenson Was Raped & Lynched By A Mob Of White Men [1915]

Her son was accused of burning down a white man’s barn.

McKenzie Nicole Adams
McKenzie Nicole Adams, 9, Commits Suicide After Being Bullied

She told her school’s administration about the bullying but it continued.

MeShon Cooper
MeShon Cooper Was Brutally Murdered By White Supremacist ‘Friend’

When she threatened to tell his secret, he admitted he murdered her in his home.

Nia Wilson Murdered At Train Station By Stranger In Possible Hate Crime

Sisters Nia and Tashiya Wilson were attacked at a train station in Oakland. Their assailant is on the run from the law.

Breeja Wilkins Hate Crime
Breeja Wilkins, 21: Woman Run Over & Dragged By Racist Man

She was changing a tire on the road & after the incident was given a ticket by police.