Tori Moses Missing (1)
Tori Moses, 27: May Have Been Traveling When She Disappeared In 2020

*Update* 10/18/2021 She has been located in a Colorado jail.

Debra Kay Stewart missing
Debra Kay Stewart, 19: Went Missing From Austin In The Spring Of 1976

Two other women also disappeared in the same area around the same time.

Wanda Trotman Missing Homeless Florida
Wanda Trotman, 44: Was Homeless When She Went Missing On NYE In 2009

After failing to show up for her monthly visitations with her family, she was reported missing.

Naomi Wilson missing Iowa
Naomi Wilson Last Seen In Iowa In 1981 While On Her Way To Get Gas

She planned to put gas in her car and visit a friend/coworker, but she never arrived to her destination.

Khiara Henry Missing
Khiara Henry Mysteriously Vanished While On Vacation In 2019

Her rental car was found abandoned at Waiʻānapanapa State Park in Hawaii.

Erica Hamilton Missing
Erica Hamilton Was Moving When She Vanished In 2015

She was living in Connecticut at the time.

Rita Shaw Missing
Rita Shaw Vanished From New Orleans In 2011

Very little has been shared about her case.

Annie Horne Missing Doris
Annie Horne, 38: Husband Linked To 4 Murders

The mother disappeared from Richmond.

Felicia Cochran Missing
Felicia Cochran Disappeared After A Trip To The Salon In 1992

Her car was later found abandoned and burned on a remote road.

Ameera Deadrick Missing Waco (1)
Ameera Deadrick: Conflicting Reports About Missing Girl

There are conflicting reports regarding her age and when she went missing.

Danielle Mouton Missing
Danielle Mouton, 24: Was Homeless & May Have Been Kidnapped In 2010

It’s reported that she was involved in prostitution and drug abuse.

Ashley Sade Williams
Ashley Sade Williams Walked Away From Home & Has Not Been Seen Since

It’s been three years since she was first reported missing.

jennifer joyce barton
Jennifer Joyce Barton, 20: Was Last Seen Getting Into A Van In 1976

Her case may be linked to two other women who went missing around the same time.

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