Carmella Dixon Missing
Carmella Dixon, 25: Next To No Information About Missing Woman

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information shared about Carmella Dixon, a young woman who went missing years ago, never to return.

Lisa Walton Missing 3
Lisa Walton, 22: Baby Boy Found Alone After Mother Goes Missing In 1986

A baby boy was found unharmed in a Detroit alley. His grandmother recognized him from a news broadcast.

Daphne Jones Missing (1)
Daphne Jones, 22, Was Pregnant When She Vanished From New Orleans In 1999

Her family reportedly believes she’s deceased, but they still want answers.

kierra coles chicago missing pregnant
Kierra Coles: Pregnant Postal Worker Missing From Chicago Since 2018

In July 2020, relatives of Kierra Coles received devastating news from authorities. Two years prior,…

Radiah Gilbert
Radiah Gilbert Was Drug Addicted & Pregnant When She Disappeared

She was living with her mother but left because she didn’t want to talk about rehab.

Tawanda Latisha Hill
Tawanda Latisha Hill Lived With Mental Illness & Addiction When She Disappeared

It’s reported that her sister believes Tawanda is pregnant.

Jasmine Nykiesha Robinson
Jasmine Nykiesha Robinson, 23, Was Pregnant When Reported Missing

She was approximately six months pregnant at the time.

Janteyl Danielle Johnson
Janteyl Danielle Johnson, 15, Was Five Months Pregnant When She Disappeared

She left school early because she wasn’t feeling well.

Celina Janette Mays Was 12-Years-Old & Pregnant When She Vanished In 1996

No one has ever identified the father of her child.

Jamie L. Toliver Missing
Jamie Toliver Was Pregnant When She Mysteriously Disappeared In 2017

She got a ride from a friend and was never seen again.

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