Myrtle Hudson Missing
Myrtle Ann Hudson & Teen Daughter Murdered By Serial Killer

The brutal attack on the Hudson women wasn’t the first time the killer terrorized a family.

Juanita Hankins
Juanita Hankins Was Killed By Her Ex-Boyfriend On Christmas Day

Juanita’s ex-boyfriend stabbed himself after the murder.

Gizzell Ford, 8, Was Tortured To Death By Father & Grandmother

This little girl’s short life was a terrifying experience.

Theresa Bunn
Theresa Bunn Was Pregnant When Her Body Was Found Burned In Dumpster

Some feared that there was a unknown serial killer terrorizing Chicago, but police said that’s just not true.

Patricia Gambles
Patricia Gambles Mysterious Murder Continues To Baffled Authorities

The 1998 rape and murder of this young woman has remained unsolved for decades.

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