Bridget Shiel, 19: Killed Running From Murderer, DNA Yields Suspect

After two years of silence, police finally name a suspect in the teenager’s murder.

Marie Wade Missing (1)
Marie Wade, 19: Last Seen in Los Angeles In 1983

Why don’t we know more about Marie’s last days?

Erika Hill
Erika Hill, 15: Abused, Starved, & Murdered By Adoptive Mother

Her mother was a drug-addict and gave her to family members to be cared for. Erika Hill ended up living with her mother’s cousin who severely beat her every day and eventually killed her.

T'shia Te'Nae Ratchford-Williams missing
T’shia Te’Nae Ratchford-Williams, 15: Went Missing After School

She was last seen leaving school on her way to meet with her mother.

Alexis Murphy Murder
Alexis Murphy, 17: Kidnapped & Murdered In 2013

Did he kill her? And if so, was she his only victim?

Kylaya Loving Missing
Kylaya Loving, 16: Vanished From Ohio In 2017

The teen had reportedly recently given birth.

Rochelle Battle Missing Murder (1)
Rochelle Battle, 16: Still Missing, Man Convicted Of Her Murder

It is believed that she may have been sexually assaulted and killed.

Amysena Chappell Missing
Amysena Chappell, 18: Hasn’t Been Seen Since 2004

Circumstances are unclear, but she seems to have vanished while traveling.

Alicia Moore
Alicia Moore, 16: Uncle Sentenced To Life For Her Murder

She was missing for days before her body was found in a trunk.

Kennedi High
Kennedi High, 16: Lured Away By Online Predator Before Being Located

The high-functioning autistic teen reportedly easily trusted strangers.

Renita Wells, 34 & Teen Son Murdered In Domestic Violence Incident

The 15-year-old was trying to protect his mother from his father.

Stephanie Jones
Stephanie Jones, 18: Teen Mom Murdered By Abusive Ex-Boyfriend

He reportedly crawled into her room in the middle of the night after stalking her.

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