Marguerite Daniel Missing
Marguerite Daniel Was Last Seen At A Bar With A Man In 1978

There are differing reports regarding specific details of this case.

Catherine Davidson Missing
Catherine Davidson, 6: Missing Girl Killed By Mother In 1973, Says Sister

Catherine’s mother was later arrested for the murder of a two-year-old boy.

Michelle Ellis Missing 1978
Michelle Ellis, 23: Car Was Found With All Of Her Belongings Inside

She left home at 8:00 a.m., but an hour later Michelle Ellis had disappeared and her car was found out of gas near a service station.

Beverly Ann Ward Missing (1)
Beverly Ann Ward, 13: Kidnapped From Her Home In 1978

Her friend, who was staying the night, was sleeping in the next bed.

Dianne Hollins Tammy Hollins Missing
Diane Hollins, 31, & Daughter Tammy, 14: Vanished While On A Walk In 1979

Tammy’s remains were later identified, but Diane is still missing.

Unidentified Woman Iowa, Jane Doe 1975
Pregnant Jane Doe 1975: Found Murdered In Iowa

She still hasn’t been identified.

Pamela Mayfield, Michael Mayfield, Missing
Pamela Mayfield, 5: Missing Girl & Brother, 6, Last Seen In A Stranger’s Car

The young siblings were walking home from school and weren’t seen again.

Jane Doe #04-76
Jane Doe #04-76: Killed While Trying To Cross Freeway In 1976

Over forty years later and no one has come forward to claim her.

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