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MISSING [06/26/2014] — Trukita Jaquita Scott Never Showed Up to Pick Up Her Children From Daycare

Daycare workers were growing concerned for two sibling toddlers, C.J. and Monai, who were left in their care. Their mother, Trukita “Kita” Jaquita Scott, was due to pick them up at 2:00 p.m. on June 25, 2014, but she didn’t show up. Around 4:00 p.m. that same day, Trukita sent a text message to her fiancé, Al Livingston, telling him she loved him before her phone was shut off. Mysteriously, the following day, the Ft. Lauderdale resident’s cell phone was turned on once again. Yet, no one has been able to locate or contact Trukita in years.

“My heart sank when she didn’t answer the phone,” Trukita’s mother, Kengeral Allen-Scott told the Sun Sentinel. She called her daughter 23 times on the day she disappeared and said she knew that something wasn’t right.


During the investigation, police checked on the location of her cell and it showed that the mobile pinged at varying locations around the south of Florida. As loved ones waited impatiently for news, investigators were notified that the 24-year-old’s vehicle, a gold 2007 Nissan Altima, was located in Miami abandoned in a Liberty City neighborhood. Video surveillance at Trukita’s U-Haul job showed her leaving before heading out to Liberty City to meet up with her ex-boyfriend, also the father of her son, Carl Monty Watts. Trukita also worked as a caregiver for mentally disabled adults and had dreams of one day working as a police officer.

“She didn’t want to work anywhere else,” Miami Gardens Police Officer Carmelo Garcia said. “She grew up here; she knew a lot of people. She wanted to make changes.”

Of course, Watts became a person that the police were interested in speaking with. His criminal history didn’t help him either, as he had been previously arrested on charges of kidnapping and sex offenses. It came to light that his relationship with Trukita was often violent, with witnesses claiming that Watts was physically abusive.

Jeffrey Davis, Trukita’s supervisor, told NBC Miami that after witnessing years of arguments between the couple, he had to file a restraining order against Watts to keep him from showing up at Trukita’s job.


“He used to try and grab her and take her outside and I would have to confront him,” Davis said. “She even said one day she had the feeling she might not come back.”

Police searched for Watts but he was always one step ahead of them. Finally, weeks after anyone had contact with Trukita, Watts turned himself in to police to face charges of violating the conditions of his supervised release stemming from a federal weapons conviction. What was the violation, you ask? Well, just one month prior to Trukita’s disappearance, Watts was arrested and later charged with battery and false imprisonment for attempting to force a teenage girl into his car. She had been waiting at a bus stop. Relating to that case, Watts pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to 11 months in prison and was released after serving that term.

“He was crying. He was very upset because he sees me upset,” MissEllison, Watts’s mother, told NBC Miami in 2014. “He said, ‘I had nothing to do with Kita’s disappearance.'”

As far as Watts’s statements regarding Trukita’s missing person case was concerned, they weren’t consistent at all. Initially, Watts told police that he did see Trukita the afternoon she disappeared. However, police knew that wasn’t true because they already had evidence that proved at that time Trukita was out running errands with her mother. When confronted with that information, Watts switched up his story and said that he had never met up with her. It was later revealed through phone records that the former couple spoke that day and Watts was in or around Liberty City, where Trukita’s vehicle was found.


Livingston, Trukita’s fiancé, now has custody of their daughter Monai.

“She’s always saying her mom is with God. She asks about her mom every single day,” said Livingston. “The older she gets, the more she remembers and she’s not letting go of it.”

“We do investigations based on physical evidence, as opposed to hunches or a gut instinct, and that is what we’re looking for – physical evidence that will lead us to where Miss Scott is,” police spokeswoman Deanna Greenlaw said.


No charges have been filed in Trukita’s case, and she is still a missing person. At the time of her disappearance, Trukita was 5’6″ tall and 135 pounds. She had black hair, brown eyes, and was last seen wearing a khaki U-Haul uniform shirt, black pants, and black Reebok sneakers. Trukita also has a number of tattoos, including the name “Alfred” on her abdomen, a butterfly on her lower abdomen, the word “Loyalty” on her chest, and a rose in the center of her chest. Both of her ears are pierced.


Anyone with information concerning this case is urged to contact the Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS (8477). You can remain anonymous.

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MISSING [11/26/2017] — Stevencia Barlatier Was Pregnant When She Went Missing Around Thanksgiving 2017

As I researched the disappearance of Stevencia Barlatier, I was left with more questions than answers. It isn’t abnormal for sources to have bits and pieces that are different, but the information provided for Stevencia’s case is just baffling.

What we do know is that the pregnant 21-year-old disappeared from Orlando, Florida around Thanksgiving 2017. Now, according to NamUs (National Missing and Unidentified Persons System), Stevencia was 18 weeks along in her pregnancy. However, WESH 2 News reports that the young mother was due in December. Also, NamUs claims that Stevencia “was last seen buying a sandwich at the Publix located at 1400 E. Colonial Drive,” but The Charley Project, a website database of missing persons, reported and the Orlando Police Department tweeted that she was last spotted at the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies just a few days after Thanksgiving.

Three months after Stevencia disappeared, her cousin Britney Beauchard spoke with WESH 2 News and said the last time she had contact with Stevencia was on Thanksgiving Day [November 23, 2017] when they “FaceTimed for a little bit.” I found Stevencia’s Facebook profile, Unbreakable Stevencia NeavahAiden Barlatier, and her last post was on November 25. According to WESH 2 News, Britney was the one who filed a missing person report about Stevencia on December 31.

“We tried cellphones, we tried social media, nothing,” Britney was quoted as saying back in March 2018. “She’s not on nothing. Nothing at all.”

“I know her. She is like a social butterfly,” Britney continued. “She would talk to anybody. So, her not talking to nobody, that’s weird.”

Police tried tracking Stevencia’s cell phone and did get a ping to a home in Kissimmee, Florida, however, the members of the family there told investigators that had no idea who Stevencia was.

The case has remained at a standstill since that time.

Britney did briefly converse with someone in the comment section of one of Stevencia’s Instagram photos. Britney wrote, “Sleep in peace cousin I love u.” Someone replied to her saying, “I just saw on the news that this girl was a missing person so she passed away? The baby?” Britney told the person that the family doesn’t know what happened to Stevencia or “if she is dead yet” but “it’s just that feeling u get cause she wouldn’t up n leave like that.” She ended it by saying, “But she did lose the twins.” When I looked through a few of Stevencia’s Instagram photos, she does seem to confirm that she was pregnant with twins at the time of her disappearance, but there wasn’t definite clarity on the timeline of her pregnancy.


“We just hope she is not out there dead or nothing,” Britney said. “That she’s OK. That’s what we’re most concerned about.”

At the time of her disappearance, Stevencia was approximately 5’5″ tall and 110 pounds (and pregnant). She had black hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information about her disappearance is urged to contact the Orlando Police Department at (407) 246-2470.

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Eight Years After Pamela J. Butler Went Missing, Her Boyfriend Admitted To Killing Her

The day before Valentine’s Day in 2009, computer analyst Pamela J. Butler was captured by security cameras at her Washington, D.C. home with her boyfriend, Jose Rodriguez-Cruz. The following day, two emails were allegedly sent by Pamela to both a relative and to her employer. However, days rolled on and no one was able to get into contact with the 47-year-old Environmental Protection Agency employee.

Butler was a stickler for order and safety; her home was secure with a high-tech system, motion-activated floodlights, and cameras all-around. She liked to keep things tidy with everything in its place, so it was a surprise to her brother to find a few things out of order when he went to check on her. Her bed sheets were missing and the comforter was on a small couch in the bedroom. Real estate files were strewn about the floor in her home office, and even stranger, the blinds in the second-floor dining room were open and the window was unlocked Pamela was known to keep her blinds fiercely shut, as she didn’t want her neighbors to see inside of her house. Both of Pamela’s vehicles, a gray Mercedes-Benz and a gold Jaguar, were still at her home. Yet, her keys, purse, credit cards, and driver’s license were missing. Also, Pamela’s alarm system was turned off, something Pamela’s family said she always set.


As is in most cases such as these, detectives focused on Rodriguez-Cruz, Pamela’s boyfriend of five months that she’d met on an online dating site. Security cameras showed him walking out of Pamela’s house on February 13 around 11:30 p.m. Rodriguez-Cruz told police that Pamela broke up with him that day and while he was surprised at her decision to split, they parted without any ill-will. Even Pamela’s relatives told police that they weren’t aware that she planned on breaking up with Rodriguez-Cruz because she always seemed so happy with him.

In the days following Pamela’s disappearance, her home security cameras caught Rodriguez-Cruz coming in and out of her home carrying random belongings. He told investigators that he had been moving his personal items out of Pamela’s house since they broke up and initially there wasn’t anything suspicious about his story other than the fact that Pamela wasn’t seen leaving her residence. The last time cameras caught her was on February 12 when she quickly went outside to check the mail.

The walls were closing in on Rodriguez-Cruz and he was feeling the heat, especially after police impounded his vehicle and took some of his belongings as evidence. Thinking he could beat the heat, Rodriguez-Cruz agreed to take a polygraph examination to clear his name. However, just as the exam was about to begin, he changed his mind and walked out of the room. His cooperation with the police ceased that day.


There were skeletons in Rodriguez-Cruz’s past that would give any investigator pause. He was once married to his first wife of whom he was estranged, Marta “Haydee” Rodriguez. She accused him of domestic violence and vanished from Arlington, Virginia on May 26, 1989. Eleven years later in the year 2000, Marta’s missing person report was canceled after police claimed they made contact with her in Florida. However, it was later revealed that the woman they’d made contact with was Rodriguez-Cruz’s second wife’s sister who was pretending to be Marta, including providing Marta’s personal identification materials that Rodriguez-Cruz had given her.

It would take nearly years for answers, but in 2017 Rodriguez-Cruz was arrested and charged with the murder of Pamela. Months later he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and admitted that he indeed killed her. He claimed that they got into an argument about his lack of employment and it escalated to him beating and strangling her to death. Rodriguez-Cruz did lead police to the location where he said he’d disposed of Pamela’s body, but the area has been paved over and, according to Pamela’s brother, only a part of her remains could be recovered.



Just a mile away from that location in 1991, Marta’s remains were found along Interstate 95. It took many years, but Marta was finally identified. Any charges related to her case have yet to be publicly announced.

Rodriguez-Cruz only received a 12-year sentence for murdering Pamela in exchange for telling investigators where they could find her remains.

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