Krislyn Gibson Missing Murder
Krislyn Gibson, 35: Presumed Deceased, Man Charged With Capital Murder

Authorities believe Krislyn & her friend Sidney Taylor were murdered by one of Taylor’s friends.

Aurora McCarter Ohio Murder
Aurora McCarter, 17: Ran Away From Home & Was Murdered 5 Weeks Later

She got into a fight with her mother over a boy she was dating.

Asia Wade Tennessee, Clarence Goins, Demeko Duckworth
Asia Wade, 38: Murdered By Her BF At Home While Kids Were Present

The day prior to Asia’s murder, her boyfriend reportedly killed her cousin.

Aussie Antionette Binford Missing
Aussie Antionette Binford: Last Seen With Unknown Man In 1993

Her family reportedly saw her get into a vehicle with an unknown White male.

Stephanie Goodloe Murder D.C.
Stephanie Goodloe: Murdered As Daughter, 11, Was In The Next Room

Her 11-year-old daughter heard her mother’s screams after being shot.

Stevencia Barlatier Murder Missing
Stevencia Barlatier, 21, Was Murdered — Her Cousin Is Pleading For Help

I reported on her missing person case in January 2019. Since then, Stevencia Barlatier has been found murdered & her cousin has reached out to OBG for help.

Marsha Lonix
Marsha Lonix, 55: Went Missing From Central Louisiana In 2018

She was known to frequent the downtown area of Alexandria.

Shirley Magee Missing
Shirley Magee, 12, Vanished From Chicago In 1973

Very few details are kown about her case.

Brenwanda Smith Missing
Brenwanda Smith Vanished From A Bus Depot In 1997

Her former coworker, a serial killer, is a person of interest.

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