scarlett blanco
Scarlett Blanco, 19: Disappeared In 2021 While Traveling In Illinois

2021: Scarlett was only going to the next town over, but police say she never made it to her destination.

christina voltaire missing
Christina Voltaire, 22: Disappears Less Than An Hour After Talking To Friend

Christina spoke with a friend at home before going missing. However, when the friend returned & she was gone, worry set in.

carola davenport
Carola Davenport, 22: Mother Of Twins Last Seen With Boyfriend In 1975

It has been decades since there was movement on Carola Davenport’s case. The young woman disappeared from Philly in 1975.

phedra walker missing
Phedra Walker, 38: Aunt Details Mother Of 2’s Disappearance From California

Phedra Walker went missing in July, and her aunt reached out to detail the circumstances surrounding the 38-year-old’s case.

Emmetta Jean Dumas
Emmetta Jean Dumas, 32: Missing Woman’s Baby Found Alone In 1980

Emmetta Jean Dumas’s sister found the missing woman’s home empty except for her crying infant daughter, all alone.

Stepha Henry Missing
Stepha Henry, 22: Police Believe Missing Woman Was Murdered In 2007

Stepha Henry flew to Miami to celebrate her sister’s birthday. Instead, police believe Kendrick Williams took her life. However, Stepha remains missing.

Deundrea Ford
Deundrea Ford, 21: Last Seen Leaving Work In Houston In 2023

Earlier this year, Deundrea Ford was a witness to a murder of her friend. Police say the suspects plotted against her.

rosie mae pilcher
Rosie Mae Pilcher, 22: Disappeared On The Way To Sister’s Home

Little is known about Rosie Mae Pilcher, but it is said she disappeared while on the way to visit her sister’s house in 1982.

shaquitta booker missing
Shaquitta Booker, 32: Last Seen Leaving A Hospital

In August 2023, Shaquitta Booker was seen leaving a hospital in Chicago. Now, her family pleads for help.

Alexis Jackson
Alexis Jackson, 36: Missing From Cleveland Since 2020

The last time anyone saw 36-year-old Alexis Jackson was in 2020. However, her social media hadn’t been used in years.

Tineshia Jackson
Tineshia Jackson, 16: Boyfriend Commits Suicide After 1998 Disappearance

California teen Tineshia Jackson may have disappeared in 1998, but police believe they know what happened, thanks to an alleged confession.

Mamie Brown
Mamie Brown, 68: Disappeared in 1998 While Walking To The Store

A visit to a friend’s home would be the beginning of a mystery that has lasted for decades. What happened to Mamie Brown?

jewel sykes missing
Jewel Sykes, 37: Last Seen At North Carolina Residence

Jewel was last seen at home in February 2023, and her family insists she wouldn’t go this long without contacting them.

latoya brown missing alabama
Latoya Tee Brown, 21: Missing Following Alabama Tornado

Latoya was on her way to grab food with a friend when a tornado touched down. However, her family doesn’t believe she was victim of the natural disaster.

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