Missing in 1992

Carmella Dixon Missing
Carmella Dixon, 25: Next To No Information About Missing Woman

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information shared about Carmella Dixon, a young woman who went missing years ago, never to return.

Kreneice Jones
Kreneice Jones, 3: Went Missing With 2-Year-Old LaMoine Allen

The two children were last seen playing outside of a grocery store in 1992 in rural Mississippi.

roseann pleasant valiree jackson 2 (1)
Roseann Pleasant Went Missing, BF Kills Daughter 7 Years Later

When Roseann Pleasant went missing, her boyfriend, Brad Jackson, was the last person to see her & was uncooperative with police.

Marie Cherry Missing Texas
Marie Cherry, 25: Mother Of 2 Went Missing In Fort Hood In 1992

Very few details have been shared about this cold case.

Felicia Cochran Missing
Felicia Cochran Disappeared After A Trip To The Salon In 1992

Her car was later found abandoned and burned on a remote road.

Maxine Gray Missing Texas
Maxine Gray, 30, Vanished From Mount Pleasant, Texas In 1992

Her family continues to search for answers.

Nancy Branch Missing Flight
Nancy Branch & Three Others Disappeared After Plane Never Arrived At Airport [1992]

Authorities searched extensively for a crash site, but none was found.

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