Missing in 1996

Tracey Turner Missing (1)
Tracey Turner, 26: Went Missing In 1995 Or 1996 From St. Louis

The exact date when she was last seen remains a mystery.

Tomeka Jefferson Courtney Williams Missing Murder
Tomeka Jefferson Still Missing After BF Was Found Murdered in 1996

He was found shot to death two months after he and Tomeka were last seen together.

Lora Lyann Stubbs Missing
Lora Lyann Stubbs Went Out To Get Food & Didn’t Return In 1996

Her parents came to pick her up but she wasn’t at her home.

June Khuyen Brisco
June Khuyen Brisco Has Been Missing From L.A. Since 1996

A mysterious man that detectives have yet to identify may hold the key to solving this case.

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