missing in 2017

delecia waddy missing
Delecia Waddy, 24: Vanished From Campsite In 2017

Delecia went missing in 2017 after leaving a campground where she was with relatives. Later, her personal items were located piled together.

Justine Pierre Missing
Justine Pierre, 34: Last Seen Walking Away From Home

2017: The last thing she told her 12-year-old son was “lock the door.”

Jasmine Calloway Host Missing
Jasmine Calloway Host, 29: Vanished The Day Before She Was Scheduled To Move In 2017

She lived with her husband & a roommate. The latter claimed she woke up & Jasmine was gone.

Veverly Mitchell Missing (1)
Veverly Mitchell, 55: Went To Holiday Gathering & Was Never Seen Again

She visited with family on Christmas Day in 2017 and seemingly vanished.

Sophie Reeder Missing
Sophie Reeder, 15: Disappeared In 2017, May Be Sex Trafficking Victim

Police, & the teen’s parents, fear she may have been involved with dangerous characters.

Keisha Sylvester Missing (1)
Keisha Sylvester, 29, Was Last Seen In A Truck In Louisiana In 2017

Her close-knit family calls this uncharacteristic.

Shapammala Buckner Missing
Shapammala Buckner, 20: Vanished After Arguing With Her Boyfriend In 2017

Her loved ones have accused her boyfriend of domestic violence.

Stevencia Barlatier Murder Missing
Stevencia Barlatier, 21, Was Murdered — Her Cousin Is Pleading For Help

I reported on her missing person case in January 2019. Since then, Stevencia Barlatier has been found murdered & her cousin has reached out to OBG for help.

Typhenie Johnson
Typhenie Kae Johnson Remains A Missing Person As Her BF Is Arrested

She isn’t the first girlfriend of his to go missing.

Shawna Jones
Shawna Jones, 42: Borrowed Roommate’s Car That Was Found Abandoned 180 Miles Away

Police don’t know how the vehicle ended up in another state.

Ashley Sade Williams
Ashley Sade Williams Walked Away From Home & Has Not Been Seen Since

It’s been three years since she was first reported missing.

Candice Aliciea Taylor
Candice Aliciea Taylor Went Missing Before Partial Remains Were Found

Her mother is still searching for answers—and the rest of her body.

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