Missing In 2020

Alexis Jackson
Alexis Jackson, 36: Missing From Cleveland Since 2020

The last time anyone saw 36-year-old Alexis Jackson was in 2020. However, her social media hadn’t been used in years.

Tamara Bell-Walker
Tamara Bell-Walker, 45: Husband Found Dead 1 Month After She Went Missing

When her husband was questioned by police, he said he thought someone was trying to kill him.

Wanda Floyd Missing
Wanda Floyd, 60: Vanished After Leaving Hospital In 2020

She reportedly received a ride when she left, but Wanda hasn’t been heard from again.

Shrita Watson Missing 2
Shrita Watson, 38: Mother & Son Go Missing From Louisiana In 2020

Information is scarce, but Shrita and 3-year-old Cain vanished in from Mer Rouge.

Jasmine Purvis Missing 2
Jasmine Purvis, 29: Mysteriously Disappeared From Mississippi In 2020

She called her grandfather for a ride home and told him to hurry. When he got there, she was gone.

Sonie Toe Missing
Sonie Toe, 24: Disappeared From Georgia On NYE 2020

A private investigator fears that Sonie may have fallen victim to sex trafficking.

Tyshareen Budale missing
Tyshareen Budale, 27: Last Seen The Day After Christmas 2020

Very little has been shared about this case, but Tyshareen vanished from Newark in 2020.

Iesha Jackson Missing
Iesha Jackson, 22: Vanished In 2020, Police Suspect Murder

After a relative dropped her off at home following a trip out of town, Iesha was never seen again.

Jennifer Blackmon Missing
Jennifer Blackmon, 35: Mystery Launches After Car Found Abandoned

She borrowed her daughter’s car to get to work after hers broke down, but it was found abandoned near the home she once shared with her ex-husband.

Mitchel Iviquel Missing 2
Mitchel Iviquel, 42: Homeless Woman Disappears In 2020

After not hearing from her for 12 months, her family reported her missing.

Lucinda Farris Missing 3
Lucinda Farris, 29: Left Mother’s Home With A Friend & Vanished

She was officially reported missing in June 2020, but the last time she was seen was months earlier.

Brittany Davis Murderv
Brittany Davis, 32: Vanished In 2020, Fiancé Charged With Murder

Her mother continued to get texts from Brittany’s phone after police believe Brittany was already deceased.

Katrina Kinsey Missing 1 (1)
Katrina Kinsey, 18: Father Returned Home & She Was Gone

Her father last saw her before leaving for work the prior evening.

Akela Thomas Missing
Akela Thomas, 38: Her Sister Reported Her Missing In 2020

Akela’s sister Shana reached out to me in hopes of shedding light on her sister’s case that has received no media attention.

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